Android 5.0.2 Lollipop rolls out to Moto X (2nd Gen) on US Cellular



Those who yield the 2nd generation Moto X on US Cellular should be on the lookout for an upgrade. Motorola and the carrier have announced that Android 5.0.2 Lollipop is now rolling out over the air.

It brings Lollipop’s best features in their most pure form outside of what a Nexus device could provide. That means you’ll get the new notification experience that allows you to view notifications directly on the lock screen and rank them by importance, material design goodness, a new recent apps interface and built-in do-not-disturb controls.

Furthermore, you can use Lollipop’s Ambient Display feature if you aren’t a fan of Moto Display (just disable Moto display in the settings), and use the new downtime settings through Motorola Assist.

You might get a notification letting you know that an upgrade is available, but if not you can simply head to Settings > About Phone > System Updates to check for the new goods. If it shows up it’ll ask you if “you’re in.” You are, of course, so make sure you’re on WiFi with a healthily charged battery to begin pulling it down. You’ll be looking for version 22.21.33.

[via Motorola]

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  1. Very interesting. Surprised the Pure Edition hasn’t seen this update as of yet.

  2. Awesome, because 2nd Gen. Moto X on AT&T is still rocking Kit Kat.

    1. Yea ! were loving this Kit Kat AT&T, while every other Moto X 2nd gen has Lollipop. No, no, no don’t give us lollipop, we absolutely love watching everyone else enjoy the newest version of android………

      1. It’s stuff like this that absolutely infuriates me. I’ve seen the excuse thrown around that AT&T hasn’t released it yet because they’re waiting until the bugs are fixed. Since when has any OS been released bug-free!? Every other carrier has it, AT&T; this is inexcusable.

        1. and the BS thats infuriating me is that, every other carrier has it, other AT&T phones have lollipop, yet this phone, that runs close to stock does not. So its something to do with AT&T crap thats holding us up. I cannot wait to get rid of this phone.

      2. Are you a child? Jesus. Have some patience.

        1. Nope, im a grown ass man. I’ve been patient enough and have not gotten any info from AT&T or Moto they just keep spewing the same rhetoric. “Check our site for planned updates” and there is nothing there about this phone. And they locked the damn bootloader. So no I won’t continue to have patience.

          1. Look dude, I don’t care what your reasons are. I don’t care what their reasons are. The point is, that I find it fairly pathetic that you’re probably literally red in the face because your VERY modern phone hasn’t become the MOST modern phone yet. #fwp #americanchildren

          2. #IDGAF how you feel personally. I didn’t come say anything to you. So you can keep it moving. You calling my complaints FWP is like telling someone they can’t be happy because someone somewhere else has it better. Shut yo ass up and go on somewhere. Part of the reason for purchasing my phone was because Moto said their devices would be updated promptly, well its been months and other services have it

          3. It doesn’t make a bit of sense to me. I just want some communication of some kind. I would even settle for a “Sorry guys its not ever coming.” But to pretend that everything is on track when it’s obviously not is insulting. And shame on me for not researching before jumping in as soon as I could, but that locked boot loader is big pile of crap heaped on an already steaming load.

          4. Exact same thing I said. Shame on me cause I wouldn’t have touched this damn thing had I known about the boot loader. And as far as AT&T goes, I’m really disappointed in them. One thing about HTC my last OEM was they communicated, gave you timeframes and didn’t leave you in the dark like ATT/MOTO is doing

          5. i wish i could revert back to kitkat for me lollipop has tons of bugs , apps keep crashing , notification issues with lock, battery drain issues, attentive display not working etc

          6. Have you done a full factory wipe since receiving the update? Might be worth doing to start with a clean install of Lollipop.

          7. I find it pathetic that you’re probably literally red in the face because someone you don’t know is probably literally red in the face about something. #dohashtagsworkhere?probablynot,letmecheck…nope.

          8. Was thinking the same thing. You’re upset about me being upset over the internet ? If that isn’t a first world problem I don’t know what is lol

  3. Where the hell is 5.0 for the Turbo!?

  4. Okay… so why the heck hasn’t my Nexus 6 gotten 5.0.2 yet? It’s a Nexus! This thing isn’t!

  5. I have two Nexus 7 Tablets 2012 and they got 5.0.2 almost a month ago. BUT, one works very good, the other sucks. Perhaps the first installation was a corrupted install? Anyone have any suggestions to fix this without doing a factory reset?

  6. 5.1 is already out but there’s no image for it. Why would Moto, which is known for bringing fast updates, be so far behind on numerous devices with multiple carriers? Lollipop currently has a Windows 8-like adoption rate so something is definitely wrong with Google & Lollipop.

    BTW, I’m on 5.02 with my N5 and I’ve thought about going back to my custom ROM on KitKat many times.

  7. Love 5.0 but would be better on US Cellular if Google Now Launcher wasn’t stock. I loved GNL when I first bought the X but after the last update the opaque white drawer cards are aesthetically ugly. I’ve resorted to using Nova again as my back up launcher. If Google wants to get proprietary they need to offer more customization for their launcher!

  8. Original Moto X was 1st launched exclusively for USA as a competition for iPhone. After lenovo took over, it was available everywhere. I’m holding the moto x 1st gen. The update has arrived so late. I was wondering.. How can u compete with apple iPhone by sending updates so late for this kind of device?!!!

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