Verizon adding new $60 prepaid plan featuring unlimited talk, text and 2.5GB of data March 1st


verizon prepaid plan changes

We’re hearing from our insiders at Big Red that Verizon is looking to make make a couple of changes to their prepaid options. Beginning March 1st, the carrier will look to introduce an all new $60 smartphone prepaid plan that’ll give you unlimited talk and text plus 2.5GB of data per month. This is in addition to the $45 smartphone plan that already exists which gives you the same talk and text, but with just 1GB of data.


Those still using basic plans for whatever reason should note that they will be retiring both the current $35 and $45 options and replacing it with just a single one-size-fits-all package. The new package will be $35, and will come with unlimited talk, text and 500MB of data. To compare, the original $35 plan only afforded you 500 talk minutes.

They aren’t huge changes, but for those on prepaid who have been hoping to get more value for their money this is certainly welcome news. We expect Verizon to make a formal announcement a few days short of March 1st so if any other details emerge by then we’ll be sure to keep you posted.

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  1. Still not more expensive than GoPhone!

    1. Go*%&$yourGoPhone.

      1. No screw you and for the records I don’t use GoPhone!!!

  2. Less data than GoPhone.

  3. Not horrible… but I’m still loving my Straight Talk at $45 a month.

    1. Did you get grandfathered in to get that price at this time or do they still offer that? Unlimited data?

      1. 2.5 gigs of data through straight talk. Throttled after that. If watching youtube or downloading movies they can shut your data off completely the rest of the month

        1. My data got shut off for a month and a half for one 4min low quailty youtube video

        2. Straight Talk has actually increased to 3 gb per month for the past few months. Don’t ever go over because it’s absolute torture waiting for anything to load

  4. 2.5 gigs. When will these companies learn that we use more then this on a daily basis?

    1. If I use 2.5 gigs in a day, I’m at home streaming WWE Network or YouTube, or some other streaming video. On my phone? If I use 1GB in a month, I’d be lucky. And I’m paying $45/mo for Cricket 5GB plan.

      1. Never really got why and how some people use even 5GB of data (much less 20, as I’ve seen some people here admit to doing).

        The strain on a network would be unimaginable when even a few thousand people use that much data. And don’t tell me they can handle it because they throttle people, increase prices and discontinue good deals because of the excessive usage of a minority of their customers.

        1. I average 12 gigs a month. Still on verizon unlimited data for 30 a month. :)

          1. And you managed that how, exactly?

          2. Manage what? Keeping my unlimited or using 12 gigs?

          3. Both as well how you pay $30 a month for that.

          4. Cause I’m grandfathered into verizons unlimited data plan for 30 a month. I never have my phone hooked to wifi ever. I do alot of video streaming, streaming music, using gps. I take advantage of using the unlimited data. And I’ve never been Throttled.

          5. You pay more than $30 a month for your entire plan on Verizon. This kind of comparison is just misleading and stupid.

          6. Obviously your not smart enough to know that I was talking about my DATA plan for $30 dollars a month. My plan comes to $70 a month. You’re just stupid and misleading. Now quit hating!

        2. I average a higher data amount only because I NEVER use WiFi unless I have no signal.

          So my average is usually around 5GB-7GB. Google Music is about 1GB-3GB a month depending on if I find new music or not.

          Updating apps is usually about 1GB since I have some large apps. I also try a lot of new games and those games be like 1GB-2GB.

          My brother, who’s on my line, somehow averages 20GB. I honestly have no idea what he’s doing. He’s in high school, so it’s not like most of his day he is streaming.

          1. Don’t really see why you would refrain from using wifi. At least it doesn’t have a data cap/throttling the/high price even if it is slower than your LTE.

          2. I’ve used 2.7 GB over the last 4 months COMBINED.

        3. Video streaming, podcasts, photo uploads, social media sites, app downloads etc. It’s beyond easy to pass this 2.5gb laughable limit.

          1. Easy and expensive.

          2. Only video/audio streaming has a real chance of putting a dent in a data cap. App downloads only do so if you’re setting up a new phone and downloading a good amount of apps.

            I personally use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat everyday and still don’t cross 1GB in a month.

          3. I average about 15GB a month =/

          4. Can’t help it you live in a area without REAL internet. Sucks to be you.

          5. I’m in NYC getting onto the internet isn’t a problem. 99% i’m at work and I can’t access certain things so I have to use my phone.

          6. use wi-fi

        4. I used to be one to stream a lot of audio, via MLB At Bat app. Then I realized how bad constant streaming is on a phone battery. With the increase in phones without the ability to replace the batteries easily, I stopped streaming on my phone.

          Life of battery > streaming audio/video.

    2. I wish I’d saved the article I ran across comparing Verizon’s prices with one of the large providers in the UK (I think it was Orange).

      Verizon charged something like $85-90/month for unlimited texting, calls and 2GB of data while Orange charged $67 for the same services with unlimited data thrown it as well. In Canada Rogers, Bell and Telus charge pretty much the same as Verizon
      for identical services.

      Apparently there are lots of reasons for it but one thing is that legislation in the UK forces the telecommunications services to be leased to providers at cost or something like that.

      I realise that there are low-cost plans but they’re not always available (especially not with providers with Verizon’s reach). Not having unlimited data in quite a few Western and Northern European countries is kinda odd now.

      1. You’re posting a comment about how US cellular prices are much more expensive than pretty much everywhere else in the world? What’s next on your docket, how internet speeds are faster in Asia than they are in the US? We get it :(

    3. My mom averages 200MB-500MB a month. I have no idea how. LoL!!

  5. I’m trying to understand how these are deals. Other than Verizon’s coverage area, I mean.

    1. A lot of time coverage matters most. tons of data don’t do you any good if you don’t have a signal or are roaming.

  6. Why would you do the $60 plan for 2.5 gb when you could do like me and have the $45 plan with 1 gb, add a 3 gb bundle for $20 and another free 500 mb for using auto pay? That’s 4.5 gb for $65.

    1. If you’re comparing apples to apples you also get the same 500 MB with autopay on the $60 plan. So that’s 3 GB. Maybe some people don’t want o have to buy extra data. of you need less than 3 GB but more than 1 GB. then the $60 plan is simpler. Also the max data you can get on the $45 plan is 7.5 GB. On the $60 plan it’s 9 GB.

  7. Data usage is going up but companies are slow to offer reasonable data for a reasonable price. Any plan offering less than 5GB is laughable. People condition themselves to not use data or use WiFi when available because data is to expensive.

    1. I fail to see what’s wrong with saving money and battery life by using wifi when data is so expensive (as you’ve admitted).

    2. If you have wi-fi available you SHOULD be using it.

  8. What a joke prepaid plan offer. Satisfied w my Cricket 20gb plan for $55 taxes included w autopay.

    Ian B

    1. i’m with you buddy!

    2. good for you.

  9. Verizon Sucks

  10. This is one sorry miserable prepaid plan!!!!

    1. and you are free to use someone else’s pre-paid plan.

  11. I I still think Vrz should do better by their customers. Especially long time account holders, example: 5yr customer holders could be offered a price reduction, 10yr customer could be offered an Unlimited data package. Be proactive appreciate your customers. After all it is us who keep you in business. Keep on disrespecting us and you will eventually your top rated status come crashing down. You own air rights but you do not own us!

  12. Why do I want to stay on the monthly when prepaid is cheaper with more data? I’m having a hard time giving up my unlimited data for more money.

    1. I gave up my udp. It wasn’t easy, but saving $38 a month was an incentive to do so. No issues so far, though I’m thinking about switching to GoPhone.

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