Moto 360 now receiving Android 5.0.2, here’s the official changelog


Moto 360 DSC06958

Just a quick heads up: Motorola is now pushing out a software update for the Motorola Moto 360. Going by the build number LWX49L, the update brings the software version number up to 5.0.2 and looks to be little more than bug fixes. Here’s the official changelog from Motorola:

Google Play – Updated Google Play services
Bug Fixes – A variety of system optimizations and security updates to improve performance and stability

Other than that, not much else. We expect a similar update to hit other Android Wear variants as well, so owners of the LG G Watch, LG G Watch R, Samsung Gear Live, ASUS ZenWatch, and others should be on the lookout.


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  1. oh good. it needs an update pretty badly. Of course, I’ll be one of the last ones to receive it, as is the case with most Android system updates.

    1. Poor you.

  2. I guess a watch is more important than the 2013 MOTO G!!! WTF is taking so long?!

  3. Maybe you got a bad unit @peter_elder:disqus, mine is working fine. Lasts all day even thru constant daily notifications and texts.

    1. It lasts all day for me, it will just periodically stop alerting me to my notifications

  4. As Tom Petty once said: The Waiting is the hardest part.

  5. Hope they tweaked the:

    * touch accuracy, doesn’t detect swipes properly sometimes
    * “is user looking at watch” algorithm, kinda sucks sometimes

  6. When I bought my watch I had trouble with battery life. I forgot to charge it one night and it went dead. I charged it the next day, took 3 hours, and ever since then my battery life has been awesome. It’s after 4pm right now and I still have 69 percent left with lots if use.

  7. Update is rolling out for LG G WATCH, just updated mine (to 5.0.2, Build Number LWX49K) moments ago…..

  8. Anyone having battery life issue with the 360? Mine being erratic ever since day one. It was working ok but about a month ago i noticed battery life drop from 100% to 97& with 2mins of taking of the charger. Then it slowly go down from there. I dont even see 99 or 98.

  9. My Sony Smartwatch 3 just got the update today.

  10. Finally got mine today for my 360.

  11. An animation tweak I noticed on the 360 is the animation when taping the screen or saying “OK Google” . It looks like the white background swipes in from bottom left to top right more fluidly. Maybe the animation has been there and I just now noticed it.

  12. Not sure if the start up animations have changed as well. Or have I just noticed them for the 1st time??

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