Hulu merges Queue, Favorites, and Shows You Watch into all new ‘Watchlist’ feature


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Hulu customers are being greeted today by some pretty big changes to the way the streaming video service organizes all their favorite content. Replacing users’ Queue, Favorites, and “Shows You Watch” is the now all-encompassing Watchlist.

According to Hulu, Watchlist is a smarter way of managing the content you love most by effectively “learning” your viewing habits. Hulu does this by keeping track of what you’re watching, then floating new episodes of shows you’ve been watching to the top of the list so you can quickly pick up where you left off.

Hulu Watchlist for Android

Watchlist can also be used to save specific episodes, clips, trailers, shows, or movies by jumping into the “Details” section and scrolling to the bottom where you’ll find the new “add to Watchlist” button. You don’t have to worry about importing all your old stuff to the new Watchlist either. It’s all done automatically and will be waiting for you once you arrive.

As for a list of all the devices Watchlist is currently compatible with, they are as follows:

  • on Mac and PC browsers
  • Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod touch
  • Android phones and tablets
  • Roku players
  • Apple TV
  • PlayStation 3
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Latest Samsung TV and Blu-ray players
  • Coming Soon: PlayStation 4

Hulu Watchlist feature

Hulu’s new Watchlist feature is currently rolling out to customers, but if you don’t feel like waiting, you can opt in immediately by visiting Don’t worry about waiting for an Android update, it seems everything is handled on the server side, so as soon as you opt in, you’ll find everything merged over into its new home in Watchlist right here.

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  1. They need to update that UI.

  2. This would be great if it didn’t autoplay shows I don’t watch after I’m caught up with one of my shows. That other show then shows up in my “Shows You Watch”. Sorry, no, I don’t watch Jimmy Kimmel. I don’t need it in my watch list.

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