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Chalk up another idea from Google that didn’t quite takeoff like they’d hoped. Google today announced that they will be shutting down their Helpouts video help service on April 20th, 2015, and the service’s Android app has been removed from Google Play.

The service launched in 2013 with the purpose of helping professionals connect with folks over the internet to help them with problems, questions and other sorts of things that don’t require physical interaction. People with health concerns could consult a doctor. A culinary artist could get some tips from an expert chef. Perhaps you just needed to talk with a historian to learn more about something for a school paper you’re doing.

It was a resource that sounded like it had great potential. Heck, we even thought it could become a serious platform for virtual doctor’s visits.

But, for whatever reason, it simply hasn’t grown into the utopia of instant, direct knowledge that Google (and we) hoped it would be. The community, while great, simply wasn’t big enough for Google to justify keeping it afloat.

So where do we go from here? For starters, those who’ve participated in Helpout sessions will be able to download said sessions from Google’s Takeout service starting April 20th. It’ll be available until November 2015, so that gives you plenty of time to grab anything you want or need.

We’re not sure Google’s ever going to look to explore this unique platform for help in the future, but for now it appears you’ll have to resort to your usual fountains of knowledge for anything you need help with.

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Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. How about you swap the article’s image to an LHD or Carrier, those were my ships. ;)

  2. Yet another failed Google concept. Google has really struck out lately On things from Glass to Android TV to Helpouts to Android Wear. The other things are floating, but barely.

    Makes you wonder about the future of Android.

    1. Android’s future is completely fine. Without it, the majority of the world wouldn’t have access to affordable smartphones with a massive ecosystem to take advantage of. Smartphones would still be primarily a luxury product.

      As for the rest of the items above, let’s see what happens first.

    2. Huh? None of those are remotely close to strike outs.

      Glass = Going very strong in the enterprise.
      Android TV = Only 1 device has shipped with it, dozens shown at CES 2015.
      Android Wear = only 6 months old and smartwatches are still a niche market.

      1. Completely agree, dude is crazy. Android wear is starting to gain a lot of steam and will gain much more when Apple releases their iWatch.

        1. 750k units in a years time? That’s gaining steam? The iWatch will sell that in a weekend. Look at the watches that are coming out. They aren’t using Android Wear. HTC’s watch, Samsung’s Gear, the rumored ZenWatch 2: none are using Wear. The most successful watch to date, the Pebble, doesn’t use Wear either.

          Read the reviews outside of the Android world. None of them are calling Wear a success.

          1. You are clearly a troll. Won’t get me riled up with your misinformation! lol

          2. What misinformation? 750k units? That is easily verified. iWatch sales? Speculative sure, but I’ve seen articles projecting sales in the 10s of millions. HTC watch? DL had the report earlier this week. Samsung Gear? Tizen. ZenWatch 2? Random speculation site so unconfirmed. Pebble? Doesn’t use Android.

            Read BGR, CNET, Engadget, WSJ, or pretty much any site. None are high on Wear.

            So where is this misinformation?

          3. You referenced BGR first in your list. Obvious troll is obvious. Go back under the BGR iPhone fanboi site. You aren’t wanted here.

          4. In a year’s time?! You mean 5 months time. Hell, 3 months if you count the Moto 360, which is what everyone was waiting for. Thanks for playing.

      2. Yes. Glass found a good home in the enterprise. But as a commercial product? It didn’t sell. It was on pretty much every list of 2014 tech flops. And you just proved the point with TV. No one is using it (or Google TV for that matter).

        1. Glass wasn’t intended to be a commercial product yet.

        2. I believe you’re confused. Class was NEVER a consumer product. Google TV and Android TV are also highly different. Thanks for playing.

    3. floating barely? very broad generalized statement. troll

  3. iOS is best , when will android shut down :) i love u tim crook

    1. Stay dead Neji. No Edo Tensei for you.

      1. >:-(

  4. Maybe they need better marketing. I didnt even know it was around since it launched in beta.

  5. You can join google helpouts alternative here

  6. Let me know if you plan on interviewing any HelpOuts Providers, and I will be happy to share my experiences and insights with you.

  7. I’ve never heard of it, thats probably part of the problem google.

  8. All that information is provided on the net for free…why would anyone pay for it through Helpouts?

  9. Saw this coming

  10. A lot of people predicted this. A cynic may say it was just a way to promote Google Wallet, Google+ and Hangouts at the same time. I think there’s a future in this kind of video commerce platform. We’ve recently launched – check it out if you are interested in alternative. Thanks. James

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