Feb 10th, 2015


Folks holding off on upgrading to Lollipop due to the lack of support for Xposed — a framework that allows you to customize Android in a multitude of ways –on the latest version of Android will be happy to learn that the developer is hard at work on it. He’s apparently made some great progress as he has Xposed up and running on a Lollipop-infused Nexus 5. He revealed the achievement in an XDA thread asking about its release:

Soon… :) Working very well already.

And that was it, along with the screenshot you see below showing logs of the app’s activity. The reason Xposed isn’t able to work on Lollipop right away is because it was developed against the longtime Dalvik runtime that was standard through Android 4.4 KitKat. Google introduced a new runtime — ART — and made it standard for Lollipop.

xposed nexus 5 lollipop logs

With a different runtime comes different methods for compiling and running apps, and Xposed’s need to get deep down into the bare framework of Android meant it wasn’t as easy as flipping a switch or adding a few lines of code. We’re not sure how far we are from seeing this much anticipated update, but we’re glad to know things are coming smoothly.