Flipboard no longer mobile-only, is now available to all via web interface


Flipboard is now on the web

We’ve been following Flipboard since it first arrived on Android as a Samsung Galaxy S3 exclusive nearly 3 years ago. A cross between Pinterest and more visual RSS reader, the last time we heard from Flipboard they introduced a new magazine feature allowing users to create their own curated lists of sources based around their interests.

Today, Flipboard is now officially available on the web, giving anyone with a computer the ability to browse and build their own personal magazines from the comfort of your desktop computer (or you know, while at work). Just like in the app, Flipboard took time in making sure the web portion was equally as beautiful with dynamic layout that adjusts to a variety of screen sizes.

Instead of “flipping,” web users now scroll. Flipboard says they’re able to analyze the type of content found in stores (like text and images) ensuring on the relevant stuff shows up. They also use their own algorithms to recommend “magazines” you might like — all custom tailored to the interests you set up. The best part? There’s no ads (for now).

Flipboard web

Signing into Flipboard on the web and personalizing your magazine will in turn be reflected in their mobile apps. Pretty nice if you’re on your computer all day and need something to read when you’re out and about. For a little more on what Flipboard for the web offers, you can check out their intro video down below.

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  1. I <3 Flipboard…

    1. Same here. I’ve used it ever since I got my S3 about 3 years ago, haha. I never even knew it was an exclusive. It’s only gotten better over time.

  2. How is flipboard able to expand its empire from a free app?.. You can’t tell me that ads are from this.

    1. Well, they got $50 million in funding to burn.

  3. I prefer Feedly

  4. FB is my goto news feeder app.

    But not all that interested in a web version honestly.

  5. Using it now, it is 1000% better than the Metro app it has now replaced. Sorry Windows Store, you just lost one of your biggest app usage bases. It must sting after losing the two largest banks in America.

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