Feb 5th, 2015

Twitter 5.0 for Android featured

Better start watching what you tweet. For the first time since 2011, Google and Twitter have penned a deal to bring tweets back into Google Search.

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo confirmed rumors during the company’s Q4 2014 earnings call and says the move is an effort to bring new traffic to Twitter. Details are still a bit unclear, but according to TechCrunch, logged out users will see tweets in Google search results and when clicked, takes them to a special “logged out” page for unregistered users giving them to option to sign up, and displaying a few ads in the process.

It wont happen right away, with Twitter saying it will take several months before going live. But there’s still a lot of questions, like how many of these tweets will float to the top of search results and if follower count will somehow play a factor. Better yet, if there will be some sort of way to disable tweets from showing up at all, or somehow sidestepping them by avoiding specific search terms (like “Twitter” or “tweet”).

In any case, you now have fair warning. Be careful what you tweet, lest it come back to haunt you one day.