Google and Twitter reportedly strike deal to show Tweets in search results


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Bloomberg is reporting that Google and Twitter will ink a deal that will allow Google to show Tweets directly in the company’s search engine results. Google prioritizes news results in their search engine to help people find the latest happenings about whatever they’re searching for, and with Twitter becoming a viable breaking news platform it’s a pretty big deal.

Terms of the deal weren’t disclosed, though the functionality is expected to be implemented at some point in the first half of this year. It’s a win-win for Twitter with the company having the opportunity to draw a ton more eyes to their already popular microblogging platform. Even those who have totally condemned Twitter will find it difficult to avoid its content (and it’s already hard enough to do that, as is).

An important note about the deal: this apparently won’t have any implications on advertising for either platform. “Promoted Tweets” probably won’t always be your first result even if you search for something related to that promoted Tweet. This is more of a “data licensing” deal so Google’s simply looking to deliver the most relevant Tweets they can find to include in your search results.

Our immediate hope is that Twitter won’t dominate the search engine and clutter search results, but Google’s known to keep things as simple as they can be so we aren’t too worried. We’ll have to await further details to see how, exactly, this will play out.

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Ok, this sounds so so so bad. Personally, I hate Twitter and do not use it. What I visualize is cluttered search results with inane and nonsense Twitter content (since that is 99.3% of what Twitter consists of). Ugh! I pray that AdBlock will find a way to kill this garbage. Or that they will give us a setting to turn that crap off.

  2. I could of sworn they did this before years ago.. I remember when they started showing tweets…. But they stopped due to Twitter not approving such feature.. I think.

    1. Yes you are correct. I actually used the feature quite a bit back then.

    2. Yep, it was actually very useful. Glad it’s coming back.

    3. Contract expired, that’s all.

  3. Twitter = Don’t get it, don’t use it, don’t care about it…

  4. they already did the live results feed before , the deal was expired last time , nothing new

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