VLC for Android gets entirely new listing in the Google Play Store with stable release


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It’s been a long time coming, but after officially becoming available to US residents in the Google Play Store in July of last year, the popular media player VLC for Android has finally dropped its beta tag. For version 1.0.1, VLC for Android gets an entirely new listing in the Play Store, leaving its now entirely separate beta listing in the dust at 0.9.10. Here’s the official changelog from the 0.9.10 beta to the all new 1.0.1 stable version:

VLC for Android 1.0.1

Changes between 1.0.0 and 1.0.1

  • Fix popup context menu loaded for the wrong items

Changes between 0.9.10 and 1.0.0:

  • Minimum Lollipop support
  • Support remotes for DVD navigation
  • Immersive mode from KitKat and on
  • Fix crashes
  • Update of all the translations

Last month, the folks at VideoLAN Client released a VLC for Android TV app in a preview version for those looking to watch just about any video format on their televisions. Still no word on when that version will hit the Play Store (likely in beta form at first), but we’ll keep a look out.

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  1. Wow this is great news VLC has always been terrible on Android… installing now.

  2. Yet…still no support for Chromecast, which was promised a loooooong time ago…its a great, great video player. I am just tired of not being able to use it on a bigger screen.

  3. Should i ditch my trusty MX Player for this?

    1. Yes. With the exception no Chromecast support if that matters to you.

      1. Does MX player have chromecast support?

        1. Yes

          1. It does? Since when?

          2. I would have bet money on the fact that MX Player Pro supported Chromecast, but I finally just checked, and it doesn’t

      2. Cool, I will give it a try. I’ve sold my chrome cast anyway, it had problems with roaming between my APs.

    2. I went back to MX Player. I got some video distortion and even error messages, something hardware accelleration related.

  4. I’m too loyal to mx player. Been using it for so long and can’t think of any reason to switch.

  5. I may very well stop using MX player pro then. I’ve had a few instances where my HD content bugged out (audio not supported) and it worked fine on VLC beta. Just hesitated to use it at my primary player since it was beta.

    1. Get the audio codec you’re missing for MX at XDA.

      They had to drop the built-in download of it – but it’s there.

  6. So far so good on the New VLC but I think that MX Player Pro is still better at this time. Will keep both on my phone and jump around and see if my heart stays with MX.

  7. u mean there is finally a VLC out of Beta? it took longer than Chrome Beta.

  8. As much as I love VLC on windows, I don’t see any reason to jump on this on Android. MX player has been easily the best player on the platform and its been around for ages with numerous updates. Not sure why VLC has taken this long. I may try it out but no reason to jump ship just because of branding.

  9. Anyone got it outside the U.S. yet?

  10. Unfortunately its still not as great as MX Player.

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