VLC releases preview app for Android TV, download it right here [VIDEO]


VLC for Android TV 1

VLC is taking their knowledge and expertise of handling the world’s many video formats on over to Android TV. It’s probably the most logical move for VLC given the platform is made primarily for doing just that — watching videos — and the app is now readily available in preview version for all to download and enjoy.

VLC for Android TV 2

Gigaom even provided a quick video run through of the application, testing out some videos and even audio files, all running without a hitch. Because the application is still very early (it can’t access network attached storage drives yet) and the Nexus Player isn’t readily available in France, VLC developer Geoffrey Métais is looking for feedback from those willing to provide it, reporting back any bugs or issues that may arise. Time to bust out your anime collection (MKVs), VLC is ready for ’em.

Download: VLC for Android TV (preview)

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  1. Love Bleach. Watching at work would be great lol.

  2. What about Chromecast ?

  3. parse error while trying to install on sony internet tv. This app looks like it’ll rock, hope I’ll be able to use it!

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