AT&T Samsung Galaxy S5 now receiving Android 4.4.4 update, brings even more carrier bloat along with it


Samsung Galaxy S5 back DSC05780

Samsung Galaxy S5 owners on AT&T are being treated to one more software update before Android 5.0 Lollipop inevitably hits their device. Software version KTU84P.G900AUCU2AOA1 brings Android 4.4.4 and some last minute features like HD Voice and even more carrier bloat. How much you ask? Well, the entire software update weighs in at 487MB. Yeah, it’s a fatty. Here’s all the new goodies you can expect after updating:

  • Android KitKat 4.4.4
  • Miscellaneous improvements, bug fixes, and security updates
  • HD Voice capability
  • AT&T Service additions:
  • Mail – ATT Mail (att.net mail)
  • AT&T Live
  • Uber
  • Remote Support

As always, you can either wait for the update to hit your device, or manually “pull it” by jumping into your Settings and tapping > System > About device > Software update > Check for updates > OK > Continue > Done. After that, you should be running Android 4.4.4 and sitting on your hands, patiently waiting the arrival of Android 5.0 Lollipop in the coming days/weeks/months.



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  1. So when Verizon improves, ATT degrades?!

  2. Sweet. At this rate by the time AT&T gets the actual Lollipop update out for the S5 the S6 and Android 5.3 Melon will already be announced.

  3. Welcome to 2014 AT&T.

  4. That is strange because I am with AT&T, and I have the S4; it has been running 4.4.4 for over 6 months. Something does not seem right?

    1. Yeah, same here with my S4, my Alpha has also been on 4.4.4 since November.

  5. Carrier bloat is precisely why I ditched my AT&T GS5 on Cricket. About to jump back into the Z3 fray.

  6. Ooh! 4.4.4! How advanced, Samsung. I don’t know why I keep reading news about Android, it doesn’t happen til 6 months to a year later.

    1. Depends on the manufacturer lol but honestly, I think every OEM besides Motorola thinks that by giving you features beyond what ASAP and Google’s Launcher does is better than always being at the latest version #of android.

    2. Has nothing to do with Samsung (non-US and even some US versions already getting Lollipop) and everything to do with AT&T.

  7. I have lollipop in my nexus 7 2013 and I don’t like it. It’s too buggy. I have reseted my tablet several times and it is not better than 4.44. So I prefer to have an older reliable version.

  8. The new font on the lock screen bites.

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