Oh Snap: Sprint’s Super Bowl ad will call out AT&T and Verizon [VIDEO]


sprint sheep ad

It seems like making ads to announce Super Bowl ads is all the rage these days, and Sprint is no doubt trying to get in on the fun. The company has recently put out a new video telling us exactly what they’re going to be doing to get their name out in front of America during the big pigskin showdown.

For starters, they’re going to “apologize” to AT&T and Verizon for calling them sheep in one of their recent advertisements. You know… that one. It’ll go down in the third quarter of the Super Bowl, though we’ll have to watch to find out when, exactly.

For what it’s worth, Sprint says they aren’t apologizing about cutting their customers’ rate plans in half, though considering T-Mobile’s crazy deals didn’t stop AT&T and Verizon from adding millions of customers in 2014 we can’t say the duo at the top of the food chain have any hard feelings. So there it is — Super Bowl this Sunday. Be there for some good carrier-on-carrier drama.

[via Sprint]

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  1. Is anyone excited for the super bowl?

    1. No not really. Two teams that nobody cares about.

      1. funny!

      2. must be a Ravens fan!

        1. Nope…just don’t care for cheaters and I don’t like the Seahawks that much.

    2. Only as an excuse to drink (if you needed one)

    3. lost interest when the Broncos took a bunch of naps

      1. Lost interest when I discovered how many general stoppages there are in football. Rugby is way more fluid in regards to gameplay and much more entertaining.

        1. A LOT actually. I love Rugby. I watch a lot online since no one shows it here in the states. I still have no idea whats going on to be honest, but its awesome to watch and exciting for sure.

          1. I’m the opposite in that I know what’s going on with rugby and cricket since I grew up in a country where they are quite popular. Still kinda lost when there’s football or hockey being played, though, haha.

            Props to you for actually caring about a sport that isn’t crazy popular in North America.

          2. not everyone here is stupid. I’ve gone to Antigua and watched a cricket game….that is something I just cannot get into to be honest. But I love rugby, football and soccer.

          3. Oh, I don’t think everyone in North America is stupid. Being ignorant/unaware of certain things doesn’t really make someone stupid in my book per sé. Not knowing how a somewhat unknown sport works isn’t exactly one of them.

            That’s pretty crazy, going to Antigua for a game! It’s wicked, though. I’ve only been to one live cricket game. Cricket can have less exciting moments, to be sure (especially 5-day matches/tests). However it can get crazy exciting and down to the wire (as I’m sure baseball can). It’s a great game (despite perceptions of it being a boring, uppity English sport that’s overly complicated).

            When someone is completely oblivious to what phone you have, what it can do (even without rooting) etc. it makes me want to start foaming at the mouth (mentally).

            When many people are obsessed with things you do on a phone like social media, texts and so on even when they’re with friends it drives me crazy. They don’t even know a fraction of the potential of its usefulness despite all the time they spend on it.

          4. i know u werent calling us dumb….I was haha. well, some of us are anyways. My aunt n uncle owner a bar/restaurant there and got us tickets to go when we visited them….not to say I didnt like it, I just had no idea what was going on so it was hard for me to really understand what the hell was going on. Its more exciting then baseball here. haha

  2. What’s a super bowl?

    1. super bowl = a bowl you really like that’s awesome
      Superbowl = big tournament in a sport with more stoppages than an Iraqi highway

  3. Cutting rates and reception in half

    1. So, wait, this is about T-Mobile? Because, last I checked, T-Mobile still ranked dead last in reception…

      1. Nope. Tmobile is neck and neck with Verizon and sprint and att are last. Check the latest root metrics

        1. Root metrics don’t mean crap in the real world man. Compare all 4 carriers side by side in various areas of your state and see if you don’t realize how awful T-Mobile really is.

          No matter how many times you sugar coat the bullcrap that is T-Mobile, it’s still bullcrap. What I noticed in my comparisons? Where Sprint, AT&T, and Verizon all had 4G LTE, T-Mobile was barely on 3G. Go another mile and T-Mobile was on EDGE. This is all over the state of Georgia. Sure, T-Mobile worked great in the big cities, such as Atlanta, but so did everyone else.

          1. Tmobile can legally call themselves the fastest LTE network in the country from REAL speed tests from ookla and sensorly. Sounds pretty real world to me. Sprint is dead LAST nationally with everything. They’re not playing the same game as the other carriers. The are embarrassingly behind everyone else. There is NOTHING you can use to prove Sprint has any kind of advantage. It’s just your personal claims which are meaningless.

            The proof though is Tmobiles undisputed success over the past year. Sprint spends way more in marketing dollars than Tmobile. Yet people are switching to tmobile more than anyone else. This is not a fluke this has been going on the past year. That means people have been switching and liking it enough to tell their friends. Tmobile has surpassed business success relative to marketing spend. It’s all based on word of mouth.

  4. AT&T and Verizon should just promo a commercial together and have the old Verizon guy walk around the US on a Sprint phone while wearing a Sprint shirt. And just have him say “can you hear me now?” over and over and over

    1. Or just look for a good network connection to try to surf the web….lol

      1. sounds like we need to be on one of their R&D teams

        1. I second that.

  5. The apology is going to be to the “sheep.” Calling it now.

    1. I was thinking the same thing….

  6. Sprint should apologize to its customers for its sorry-ass network.

    1. easy dude, there are Sprint fans on Phandroid….and they love to defend their precious

      1. Nah, it’s cool to hate on Sprint around here. It’s what we do.

        1. comes so natural….wait, theres a Sprint fan right behind me, isnt there?

    2. The mobile phone service industry should apologise for gouging North America and for being so sucky even though they operate on the “greatest country in the world”.

    3. It’s getting better every month. I get LTE everywhere now between home/work and up to 60Mbps. 800Mhz voice/LTE now works in deep underground garages at work/home. Am satisfied, but they do need to get 800/2500 on every site that needs it elsewhere. They claim it will complete by end of year, which could be the case as 800 is growing fast.

      1. You can’t convince fools of that. They’re still mad about the coverage they had 4-10 years ago. They are wimps who won’t test out the improved Sprint network while they vicariously defend other networks through thick and thin, including the absolute worst T-Mobile network.

        1. I don’t blame people for hating on Sprint. It did suck in too many areas and still does in certain areas. But it is improving literally every month. Am satisfied myself but obviously many still active users aren’t. They’ll be OK when getting 800Mhz in most areas that need it and 2500 for more capacity as needed.

          1. Again, you can’t convince fools that Sprint’s coverage is improving. They simply won’t believe it. I’ve lived it.

            I went to the very last Shuttle launch in Titusville, FL in 2011. At that time, I experienced horrible 1XRTT speeds/coverage and sometimes roaming while down there. At the end of December 2013, I was back in Titusville for a NASA Social event. Not only did I have better coverage, I seen LTE in many places not even AT&T or Verizon customers would get. T-Mobile customers didn’t even bother keeping their phones on if we weren’t in WiFi coverage areas on NASA property.

        2. As someone who had Sprint for over 10 years, I saw a decline in my coverage. The final straw was when I couldn’t even make a call from my home to customer service because I had no service. This is in Southern California, not exactly rural. Online customer care stated that both of the towers in my area were down and kept saying it would be fixed the following day. 3 weeks later, I had to make the jump. I even asked for some kind of compensation or out of the contract a month early and they said they could not do that since the area would have coverage again soon. I made this switch in May of last year. Even if I had coverage where I live, 3/4 areas I would go to would have virtually unusable data or phone (Pomona, Ontario, Orangecrest). You can throw out vague terms like “fools” but for some people, staying with a company that you have been with for over 10 years that has seen progressively more dropped calls and less usable data with poor customer service would make us the fools. I am sure this doesn’t entail everyones experience but throwing out blanket statements does not help everyone. Having made the switch to Cricket, I am saving $70 a month and now have usable coverage everywhere I have gone except for rural Arizona and Utah. Saving money and having better coverage does not seem like the foolish thing to do.

          1. Hmm. I also had Sprint for over 10 years and seen my coverage, both in the city, and rural areas IMPROVE over those 10 years. From 2G to LTE. From no service in the sticks to 3G + never dropping calls. Only reason I left Sprint is because I didn’t like the way they wanted me to handle my upgrade after I switched plans.

            Sprint’s coverage is a lot better than most fools will admit. I’ll admit, their customer service was never the best for the entire 10+ years I was with them, but they damn sure weren’t the worst. All of the big four carriers in the U.S. are on the exact same level CS wise. Coverage wise, and in my real world experience with ALL 4 carriers in the last year alone, I would rank it the exact same way they sit. Verizon, AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile. The gap between T-Mobile and Sprint is huge in terms of coverage because T-Mobile only concentrates on lighting up major cities. They have YET to fill in the gaps.

          2. Actually T-Mobile has lighted up many non city areas with LTE and they’ve been buying huge amounts of 700mhz spectrum which they got their first chunk from Verizon. This travels through rural areas better.

          3. 700mhz doesn’t mean crap if you don’t build the towers needed to expand coverage.

          4. I’m also in socal. Long beach/LA area and been having the same issue. Been to Pomona and I got speed of .20mbps. In my area and a lot of places speed very’s. What piss off customers like myself is that they act like everything is fine. Its either your device or a tower that will be fixed in 3 days. Been having this issue where I live and just switched to T-Mobile, no ones service will be perfect, but after being with sprint for over 12 years I’m done paying money to a company that treats customers like if were dumb. I’m with T-Mobile and I got a choose to have my devices unlocked and go to attend or cricket, and if vzw decides they want my business by just just buying a Sim card with my iPhone and nexus6 then fine.
            Sprint need to change in so many ways.
            When they are able to do voice and data, not charge 36 dollars to active a device, add unlocked phones, and when they start treating customers with respects then I might consider them. If it works for you then good for you

        3. Test drove it with a boost mobile still horible

          1. Used it for 10 years. Still worlds better than T-Mobile and closer to being on par, coverage wise, with AT&T.

          2. Here is what happens to these Sprint haters. They don’t understand how the network works and go buy a single band device. It only picks up band 25 or 26 LTE instead of a tri-band that would get both and band 41. They then complain that their coverage was sub-par, without realizing that they were only working with 1/3 of the network.
            Their automatic response is to go bash Sprint on every forum and comments section they could, ignoring facts like Sprint adding millions of customers in their most recent earnings call. They could even go download Sensorly and see actual user generated coverage maps to determine if Sprint has good coverage or not. But that’s not how their brain works. So they complain and complain when really all that needs to happen is for them to get the coverage from their provider of choice, and shut up.

        4. Show me ONE comparison of cell phone carriers out there where Sprint was the best at ANYTHING.

          Sprint is a wanna be Tmobile with no legs to stand on. There are COUNTLESS tests out there that show Tmobile has a quality edge over everyone else.

      2. I work with boost and I get lte everywhere, problem is that it’s really slow.

    4. Old story bro. Get a new argument.

      1. How about for their terrible customer service reps who love to curse at customers and hang up on them

        1. Never had that issue in 10 years with them. Did that happen to you or are you regurgitating someone else’s claim from the internet?

          1. It has happened twice

        2. I guess it takes one to get talked to like one.
          13 years on Sprint, never once has anyone cussed.

          1. First time was in 2005 I actully got out of my contract over it. Second time last year was not even a customer. I was trying to get the unlock code for an evo just because my brother in law wanted it up and running again. I called the rep said I had to go to a store. The store emplyee called in and the rep he called yelled at him. Then asked to speak to me after awhile of her being rude to me I asked for a supervisor then she went off then I asked for her name and she said you don’t need to know my name and hung up. I called back directly asked for a supervisor me and they told me their was nothing they could do since I was not currently a customer. Yeah great way to try to bring in new customers.

      2. Why would I need to when its still, y’know, true?

        1. That argument has been old and busted for years. Get out from under your rock.

          1. You know Sprint is dead last in like EVERY nationwide comparison to their competitors. This has been going on forever EVERY time.

            At least with T-Mobile even though they aren’t for everyone there are tons of ways they are better than everyone else

          2. Show me EVERY comparison they’re dead last in. And if you’re honest, show me EVERY comparison where they are NOT dead last.

            I’d wait here, but I have better things to do with my time than see the Phandroid anti-Sprint army rushing to the front lines EVERY. FRIGGIN. TIME. an article about Sprint pops up. Y’all really should get a life.

          3. According to speedtest by Ookla they are the slowest. According to the FCC they have the worst coverage and their own map indicates their foot print is smaller than the other three when you compare LTE only. That being said I enjoy my sprint service. Its a joke compared to my vzw service but its so cheap that I don’t mind using it as a back up to my vzw and T-Mobile service. More competition the better

          4. Well that’s not true because they have a very strong network in Denver (where I am) and comparisons I have seen verify that.

          5. Yes the “NO YOU!!!111” argument is VERY persuasive. Keep slobbin’ on Sprint’s knob though, don’t let me stop you.

          6. “Keep slobbin’ on Sprint’s knob though, don’t let me stop you.”

            Ooooh. What a very 13 year old comeback. What’s next, a “Your mama” joke? You have YET to provide a valid argument which shows exactly why you had to resort to childish attacks.

            So typical of the Sprint hating fools.

  7. I wish consumers were allowed to make their own commercials, I am sure it would be much funnier and more truthful than the PR campaign driven ones.

    Verizon 4G LTE the fastest network, except where I am at at any given time.
    Verizon, the most reliable network, yep, I can count on it not working properly all the time.

    1. I know you are kidding for the most part, but compared to all other carriers, I always have service in places my friends don’t. I am on Verizon along with a couple other friends while I have one friend on AT&T and one on T-Mobile. Generally, speeds are similar between the three.

  8. Are you sure ATT/VZW added millions of NET NEW customers? I thought they’ve added millions of devices with existing customers.

    1. You are correct. Att and Verizon LOST net phone customers but posted a net activation gain thanks to existing customers adding tablet lines.

      The only thing worse than the cell phone industry is the tech press that covers them. They’re intellectually lazy and all they care about is click bait.

  9. I test drove Sprint for 7 days last summer, and at the end after being told multiple times that I wouldn’t have to pay anything (Their own test drive program allows 14 days and states on their website all fees will be waived if you decide to leave), and after returning my test device I was charged next month for $574.99. It took four months to get resolved and almost resulted in my account being sent to collections. But, oh sheep, that’s hilarious sprint!

    Terrible speed, coverage, and support. Stop making crappy commercials and fix what you are trying to sell.

    1. Yea, Sprint is pathetic.

  10. Well, maybe you missed it, but AT&T just bumped up the Cricket Plan substantially.

    Their $55 plan jumped from 5GB to 20GB. I wouldn’t be surprised if AT&T increases everyone’s data amounts now that they have more AWS airwave rights for LTE.

    T-Mobile’s new prepaid rates have “maximum speed” (throttling) set to 4MB/s, and also announced that they’re turning 2G GSM service off and re-purposing (sometimes called “Re-farming”) those airwaves to 3G service.

    The worst thing about T-Mobile is the amount of time you spend waiting. Even if T-Mobile bids on the 600MHz airwaves, there are zero phones sold worldwide that support them. When Sprint wanted the iPhone to be introduced with Clearwire’s 2.5GHz frequencies, Apple required a $1B contract to change the design.

    But worst of all, that auction is in 2016. So if your a T-Mobile customer you’re just going to be waiting for a few years (JUST for a decision) of reliable coverage.

    1. Coverage is why I finally left T-Mobile… Their customer service is second to none, but where I work their data coverage is awful, and where I live I was lucky to have even intermittent voice service even though their coverage map claimed it was good. I gave up a $20/mo for truly unlimited and unthrottled data plan because it just didn’t work. I gave them so much time because they kept talking about how they were expanding. Apparently it just never happened in my area…

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