Chrome for Android beta update adds Pull to Refresh feature


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Beta users of Chrome for Android should grab the latest update in order to check out a cool new feature. You can now pull down on a page to refresh it instead of hunting for those pesky refresh buttons.

You do have to be at the top of the page for it to work, obviously, so depending on how deep you are into a page’s content it might be worth using the old method anyway. It’s a nice convenience change if nothing else, and we hope Google deems it good enough to find its way to the stable release in due time.

The download? Why, of course — it’s right here, and remember that this is considered beta so don’t get too hasty with nasty remarks if everything doesn’t work to your satisfaction.

[via Google]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Oh my god I’m enjoying the hell out of this xD

  2. A beta app has a small new feature?! Hell yeah it’s news!

  3. Just ditched chrome, for beta Chrome. Having to tap the menu then reach up to reload was not fun.

  4. When will they bring phone number recognition back? And why does highlight search no longer open a new tab. These should be options I can enable

  5. Full screen, or G T F O

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