Dropcam offering free upgrades to latest camera for those on legacy versions



Dropcam users who jumped into the fold before the company introduced its latest HD model will be happy to know that they’ll soon be entitled to a free upgrade. The Google-owned company says their older models won’t be able to take full advantage of the enhancements coming to the Dropcam service, and instead of asking those users to pay for an entirely new model they’ve opted to go this route.

It’s a very good-guy move by the company, though nothing less is ever expected when Google is involved. We suppose that it’s something that had to happen, though, considering Dropcam revealed that older cameras — the original Dropcam and the Dropcam Echo — will cease to work after April 15th.

You should be getting a notice about a replacement form to fill out in due time, and you can expect to get your new goods three weeks from then. You won’t have to send your old Dropcam back either, though we’re not sure what you’d be looking to do with models that no longer work.

From there? Rejoice, because it’s not often companies will give up a grip of sales in order to make sure their platform evolves the way they want it to. You can read more at the FAQ straight ahead.

[via Dropcam]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. I would be a lot more interested in DropCam if it didnt come with a monthly cloud fee to store recordings. I want to store it locally on my home NAS.

    1. Buy some older Android phones and use IPWebcam app.

      Not sure it can do everything you want though.

    2. The live streaming version is pretty robust as well. It still triggers on sound and movement and sends a screencap of the situation when the trigger was tripped.

  2. It’s nice of Google to offer the replacement when it’s clearly not required. Good guy Google strikes again!

  3. “It’s a very good-guy move by the company, though nothing less is ever expected when Google is involved.”

    So we say, ignoring what Good Guy Google is doing to independent artists with the Youtube changes.

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