Sprint wants to steal customers back from T-Mobile with $200 trade-in guarantee


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T-Mobile might have stolen a lot of customers from the big three with their crazy Uncarrier announcements over the past couple of years, but Sprint isn’t going to hold back. After promising to get T-Mobile customers out of their contracts fee-free (or give you a bill credit up to $350 if you are on T-Mobile’s latest no-contract post-paid plans), they’re now guaranteeing at least $200 for any T-Mobile smartphone traded in when you switch.

For what it’s worth, many recent phones (any from 2014, at least) in good condition will easily net you over $200 so this promotion probably won’t have any added value for a good deal of potential switchers. Still, if you have an old smartphone that is no longer useful and you want to give Sprint a shot then this is a good way to lower the starting costs.

The deal is going on through April 9th, 2015 so you have a bit of time to consider what they’re offering and to do proper research to determine whether Sprint is right for you.

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  2. They’ll want to switch back after seeing how “AWESOME” Sprint really is. Mediocre voice, I’m rarely on 4G and when I am it’s super slow. Plus, they barely have any phones to choose from compared to other carriers (and had the nerve to say no to last year’s Moto X). No thanks.

    1. Define “Super slow” 4G. Because 30Mbps is average for the industry….

      1. Super slow as in when I’m in metro Atlanta and I use my Nexus 6 with T-Mobile I am averaging around 80-100 Mbps and I go into a sprint store to compare side by side and they are only pushing around 4-5Mbps… Thats unacceptable. This is Atlanta! I hate Verizon with a passion but I would switch to Verizon before I switched to Sprint. Also I use about 40-50 GBs a month and Tmobile is really the only provider that I can do that and never get throttled. What I am saying is, 30Mbps may be the average for the industry but even in big metro cities where you would expect the fast service like Atlanta and NYC people arent seeing it, and 5Mbps is super slow when even Metro PCS, which has just as good of coverage if not better, is pulling the industry average for almost half the price.

        1. Funny, I’m also in Atlanta and ALWAYS experienced 30-40Mbps on any and every Sprint LTE phone I’ve owned. On bands 25 and 26. Never seen band 41 before I left. Also, when I tested out T-Mobile, I NEVER touched more than 35Mbps and then, I was in eyesight of the tower.

          I would like to see your screenshot of an 80-100Mbps T-Mo speedtest because I haven’t seen that on anyone else besides Verizon’s XLTE.

          1. This was me out in Canton, which if you’re from Atlanta you know how far away Canton is from inner perimeter. I put this rom on after the last time I went into Atlanta but will gladly update when ever I go again. When I took this I grabbed my wife’s LG g3 and did a speed test and hers was sitting around 40 Mbps. That’s great that you were able to receive those speeds but out of all the speed tests that I run on sprint phone they have never even reached 10 Mbps. However as with T-Mobile, people’s speeds vary and maybe your phone has a better radio than the one that I tested (or more updated radio software).

          2. Don’t remember the phone, but its obviously rooted. And don’t let the server fool you. I was in Atlanta. The root threw my GPS location off. I think it was the GS3?

          3. That’s not so bad if you constantly get that but I live in Kennesaw and at where I work in Kennesaw my friend had a galaxy s4 and the fastest he said that he has gotten it since he’s been with sprint was around 15. Maybe it’s better if you are closer to Atlanta and he lives in Canton and he can hardly hold LTE

          4. Another Sprint LTE shot that used an ATL server.

          5. And, just for giggles, a WiMax shot from Atlanta.

          6. I don’t remember where I was in Kennesaw when I got this, but as you can see the closer I get to Atlanta the higher it gets. I have nothing to lie about which is why I’m quick to put up my claims. Even still these were usually inside buildings which you probably know is T-Mobile’s true weakness but I was still churning out these speeds. Where’d you get that 94 Mbps at? I try to find the best speeds for most carriers and would love to see what I get around there.

          7. Also if you want to prove that it is T-Mobile Google the IP address and you’ll see T-Mobile come up

          8. But believe me I was surprised the first time I hit 100Mbps with T-Mobile. It was shortly after they opened up their 2 + 2 wide band but the only time I get under 50 is when I’m traveling to Columbus, which I do often for work, but now with the 700 MHz opened up on my nexus 6 I get LTE all the way there with around 20Mbps. Not much but it’s still faster than my wife’s G3 and she drops down to 3G very often on the drive.

        2. And just to be fair, this is my XLTE speedtest.

          1. But what’s the point of speed, when your limited to 3-5gb’s/mo? On average, I use 20gb’s/mo on T-Mobile.

          2. I have no need to use 20GB’s on any carrier. I never had and never will. I understand that some folks use their phones as their primary internet source. I don’t. I use about 80-100GB/mo on my home Charter cable internet. That’s what I paid for and that’s what I use.

            I used to stream on my Sprint phone when I was with them. Used about 5-10GB/mo. Then I realized why my phone would no longer hold a charge. Because streaming is killer to the battery on any phone. Just ask iPhone users.

    2. Anybody DUM enough to switch to Sprint from T-Mobile is on drugs that’s pretty plain and simple.

      1. Anybody over the age of 10 that still spells “dumb” as “dum”, even with autocorrect, is stupid dumb. That’s “pretty plain and simple”.

      2. T-mobile network sucks, Everyone I know with a T-mobile phone never has a damn signal while, Sprint’s network might not be better than Verizon and At&t but Sprint network is better than that crappy T-mobile network on any and every level.

      3. Sprint is rolling out 800Mhz, which drastically improves coverage. In markets that have it, Sprint beats TMO with in building coverage. I haven’t seen a 3G signal in a long time between home/work. But Sprint does need to get 800 in every market – 2500 too.

        1. Your statement about Sprint beating Tmo with better building coverage will be muter later this year as Tmo continues to blanket it’s network with more and more 700mhz Band 12 coverage, and probably at a faster rate than Sprint will deploy 800mhz.

  3. Hey everyone! It’s an article about Sprint! Better fire up the hate machine!

    1. My hate for them stems from being on their service once. Same for my dislike of AT&T and Verizon. I’ve tried all of the major US providers in my area.

  4. i love sprint but i think they caught up with me using 28+gb of data everymonth.. I think they are slowing me down .. how can i fight this??? (i live in spark tower :) )

    1. Hmm, I use 10-60GB/month and no signs of throttling. What is your speed now?

  5. Well Sprint has already been doing this except for the extra $200 credit part and most Tmobile customers haven’t been taking advantage of it.

  6. A couple months ago I bought a boost mobile phone to test sprint to see the network. Sprint now shows my town covered in lte. The fastest I ever got on that thing was 10mbps and 75% of the time I was on 3g. When buying the phone I asked the guy at the boost mobile store how the lte was he said it was almost non existent. I thought he was exaggerating but no that’s just how sprints network is. I switched back to metro using T-Mobile network I get a constant 40mbps and have seen as high as 91mbps I get lte everywhere except for a half mile stretch on my drive to work passing threw a couple hills I drop down to hspa+

    1. This is the fastest screens hot I’ve taken

      1. What phone app needs more than a few Mbps? Unlimited data matters more to heavy users.

    2. Does Boost mobile have Spark phones? I get up to 70Mbps on Sprint and it’s unlimited with no throttling. Sprint also has much broader LTE coverage, along rural interstates, etc. Even so, I use 10-60GB/month so would rather 10M unlimited/unthrottled than 70M that might be throttled. There is no phone app that would notice more than a few Mbps.

      1. Yes they do the phone I had was spark enabled although my area just had regular lte not spark

  7. *checks* Still on CDMA. Nope.

    1. Everyone eventually going VoLTE anyway. CDMA better than GSM with low signal, this has been tested/proved many times. GSM of course more global, however Sprint has GSM/CDMA combo phones if you want that for traveling.

      If Google becomes a carrier using both Sprint/TMO, it won’t matter in the end – their phones will likely support both.

      1. Sprint is far far from getting VoLTE deployed. They went with CDMA based HD voice which can’t work in conjunction with VoLTE.

        Also unlike gsm based carriers like T-Mobile and Att VoLTE calls can’t hand off to CDMA. So that means a LOT of dropped calls if Sprint deployed VoLTE. Even Verizon is weary about widespread VoLTE because it doesn’t play with CDMA

        T-Mobile has VoLTE everywhere they have LTE

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