Jan 21st, 2015

Twitter while you were away

Twitter diehards know there’s nothing worse than being away from the social network for a time, only to return and have to scroll through all the tweets you missed while you were gone. You don’t have to, but just knowing you might have missed that important Vine or your favorite celeb selfie shot is enough to drive any sane person crazy. Twitter knows your troubles, and it’s the reason they’re rolling out a new feature: “While you were away…”

As the name suggests, WYWA will give you a brief recap of the all the important tweets you missed while you were out living your life away from the internet. Twitter says these tweets are determined by engagement and other unnamed factors and the more you actually use Twitter, the less likely you are to see this feature. It’s Twitter’s way of bringing even more user friendliness to casual users, while not compromising the “real-time” nature of Twitter for frequent users.

The “While you were away…” update hits iOS users starting today, and will rollout soon for Android users and on Twitter.com. If you frequent Twitter, feel free to follow myself (@Gamercore) and Phandroid (@Phandroid) for even more Android fun and hilarity.