Next-gen Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 detailed in leak using 8 Taipan cores, 14nm manufacturing process


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While you’re busy drooling over the next crop of Android devices to come equipped with a 64-bit Snapdragon 810 processor, mobile chipset makers continue pressing on. According to an alleged leaked Qualcomm roadmap obtained by @leaksfly, high-end Android devices launching late this year (or early next) could come equipped with Qualcomm’s next-gen Snapdragon 820 processor.

According to the roadmap — which also shows Qualcomm’s other soon-to-be-released SoCs like the Snapdragon 815, 625/629, 620, and 616 — the 64-bit Snapdragon 820 will feature 8 high performance Taipan cores, successor to the Krait cores found in most Android devices over the past few years. This new octa-core chipset will be built using a Samsung/GlobalFoundries 14nm “FinFet” manufacturing process will bring, what else, but improved performance and efficiency. Other specs include an Adreno 530 GPU, support for faster DDR4 RAM, and Qualcomm’s more advanced MDM9X55 LTE-A Cat.10 modem.

After @evleaks gracefully bowed out of the “mobile leak game” a few months back, dozens of similar minded Twitter accounts looking to make a name for themselves began crawling out from the woodwork. @leaksfly is a relative newcomer and although the information provided in this leak should be taken with a grain of salt, we’re already excited at the thought of a Nexus 5 (2015) packing a Snapdragon 820 chipset.

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  1. “found IN most Android devices” and “manufacturing process WILL bring” :)

      1. Kindness has nothing to do with it.

  2. LPDDR4 to be precise ;)

  3. I don’t know what I’d do with a bunch more processing power than I have now with my Nexus 5, which seems to have enough power to do what I currently require of a smartphone. If someone comes out with a screen technology that uses significantly less power, that will make me take notice.

    1. It’s about efficiency and power savings and reduced wasted every in heat loss. Smaller 14nm process is key. Your battery may last longer or devices will get thinner with smaller batteries.

    2. You’d be surprised at how much faster your device can be. One noticeable area would be web browsing and multitasking. Web browsing, even on the same wifi network is still much better handled on a more powerful PC in my experience.

    3. Hence why I’m waiting to throw my money at Yota.

    4. I agree completely. My Nexus 5 sucks battery life like nobody’s business when it’s on auto-brightness. If it’s not on auto-brightness, though, I can’t see a damn thing when there’s a bit of light around. It’s a great phone but I wish the screen didn’t munch the battery quite so much.

  4. i’ll certainly welcome the bump in battery life but beyond that these upgrades are overrated. software is way too far behind hardware for this to matter as much as they want you to think it does.

    1. I disagree in general as software is way ahead of the hardware (for games / creative uses). I’m doing a lot of video effects composition software and I can easily bring any device (new or old) to its knees; granted intentionally on purpose. My general guess is that the 820 / Adreno 5xx will be about on par with the GPU processing capabilities of the Nvidia K1 and by then there will be the X1. I can make Nvidia devices weep too.. ;P

      The biggest progress that can be made in phone form factors is better heat dissipation.

  5. Just hope that the Nexus 5 2015 doesn’t have supply issues or buggy software if it gets that 820.

    1. Please Google release this years Nexus phone in the Netherlands on your Play store as well and that within a reasonable timeframe (preferably simultaneous)

      All this time I was wishing for the Devices section of the Play store to open in the NL and now that we have it, the only phone in it is the 2013 Nexus 5. Nexus 6 is being sold in stores here and still not on the playstore!

      Next Nexus device BETTER be available for purchase here in NL or I need to order it online through other avenues AGAIN (same for my N-One, G-Nex and Nex5)

    2. I would jump on a new Nexus device with a 5.2″ or slightly smaller display. An updated Nexus 5-sized device would be my dream come true (even though I’ve only had my Nexus 5 for 4 months).

  6. Nexus 2015 pipe dream:
    Slightly smaller body than N5 2013, but keeping a 5″ screen would be nice, 1080p or less, AMOLED, or even better, P-OLED
    Negligible amount of RAM, but 2gb for good measure
    This new octo processor, or something nice and efficient, though the AMOLED or P-OLED should help
    Support for all USA LTE bands would be awesome, plus the CDMA and GSM networks
    Miracast and slimport are nice, though I could care less for the wireless charging and NFC, though I feel the latter is more useful
    USB type C
    All the normal sensors

    These are some minimum features for me, but until then I’ll be loving my N5.

    1. Uh? Last-gen 8 cores 64 bit CPU with only 2GB RAM. Talk about balance.

    2. There’s no part of that pipedream I dislike.

    3. I’d say keep NFC, wireless charging port like the Z3, and 3GB of RAM. 1080p OLED is my dream.

  7. Not sure why people like Nexus ? Nexus 5 had good specs for its price.

    But nexus 6 is really overpriced. If you look at anandtech review, you will notice that it is inferior to Note 4 in most aspects. The Amoled display is not as good as the one used by note 4, battery life is also worse, it has no micro-SD and removable battery. Not to mention that Note 4 has S-pen and the interface is better for multi-tasking

    1. cuz people are a strange bunch and would prefer to be hipsters and hate on efficiency because vanilla android is a .1 sec faster and better looking (personal opinion)

      1. No because Samsung is notorious for hiding cool features built into stock android in favor or their software or the way they want things done. I.e. Nearby Business Search within the dialer app was one feature. Its light years faster and that God awful UI. That’s why they are pushing to an almost “Nexus” like interface.

        1. Again, only .1 sec faster (I know cuz I’ve used both) and UI is personal preference. “cool” features, not really, but the dialer example is just clutter to me. If I need a business number, I will got to Google Maps where I can find the number, along with hours, website to say a menu, reviews and location. I know it’s incredibly inconvenient to have all that info and tap on the number to call the business, but if its one you call normally you can just save it to your contacts. For every “cool” feature Samsung buries, they give you 5 more vanilla android doesn’t have. Man, fanboys just don’t know how not to biased. And before anyone claims I am a Samsung fanboy, I’ve owned Nexus and Galaxy. As much as I have enjoyed Samsung’s UI, I think I’ll try a new OEM this Q1.

          1. That’s extra steps that you don’t need to do. Why open up a map let it find your GPS location and the you type in the name of the company and click on the red dot then you have to swipe up to get to the details. That’s ALoT of steps when you can just open up your dialer type in the name and click the one you want to call. That’s it. And .1 when you’re trying to open the app drawer can create a bad UE when you constantly get these “.1” sec stutters which feels like 5 seconds when it happens. Again if you claim something being cluttered but is praising TW then you are obvious giving a bias opinion as TW is by far the most cluttered mobile OS in the world. I’m far from a fanboy as I owned the G3, S5, Moto X, M8, OPO Note 4 and now the Nexus 6. And Vanilla Android is cleaner and noticeable faster than TW. Vanilla Android with Exposed installed has EVERYTHING TW has and more without the bloat, useless apps (S-etc), and and most importantly there are no stutters. Oh did I forget to mention the god awful color scheme that takes you back to the Gingerbread days. Smh you sir are a true Samsung fanboy and its good to see you are looking at another OEM to get your phone. Smh.

          2. like I said, if you don’t like that information (which I find incredibly valuable), then just type the name in your dialer, either way you’re typing in the name. Plus, don’t know what your GPS experience is, but mine typically locks on by the time I’ve typed in the business and then I can pick the right, say pizza joint based on which side of town I’m on. How you can’t appreciate the plethora of info because of a few more seconds and steps, is quite curious.

            The only OEM I’ve never tried from your list is Motorola. Some features are definitely clutter, but most found in these custom UIs are extremely useful features and I’d have to say Samsung has the most of these useful features. Yes, some are pointless and clutter, but that is what root is for; removing things you don’t want.

          3. One instance where it takes forever to lockin a GPS location is when you’re indoors. With this method it uses you don’t need to lock in your GPS location. And while yes you are still typing into the dialer there are 3 more steps if you use the Maps to get the same information. It doesn’t just give you the number but the address and working hours and any other companies with similar names in case you spelled something wrong. All with less steps than the method you use. And honestly the multi window is the only feature I used on Samsung, they have done an amazing job with multi window. All others were just useless to me as those features I need is already built into stock android.

    2. Some people prefer ‘pure’ android. Although I’ve never really understood why. Using a pure android tablet (Nexus 7 2013), there were a lot of features I missed from Touchwiz. I went with the Note 4 this time around, I have not been disapointed (battery/micro sd/awesome screen).

      1. I can understand both sides, i do like the extra features that skins will add to a device, Ive owned HTC, Samsung, Nexus, and LG devices. However it does often come at the expense of performance and update quickness. The updates from jelly bean through kitkat werent really that big of a deal for me (I had nexus 4 at the time), but i would appreciate a Lollipop update soon on my current G3.

      2. Because Google invented Android not Samsung and I hate being tied to Samsung. When Android is updated good luck getting updates from Samsung. Also you can do things like using Nova Launcher without taking on Samsung bloat. I have Nexus 6, my last device was a Note 3.

        1. I agree, although I buy a new handset every year, so I’m not tied for long, and Samsung usually has been good with updates (with the Note anyway). I usually root, remove all the bloat, install Nova Laucher and enjoy the features.

          1. Friend owns a Note II, he is having a hard time finding Lollypop ROM that works 100%. The last one he tried has bluetooth issues had to go back to 4.44 This phone if it gets updated will have to wait for the Note 4, Note 3….. Developer based ROMS are hit and miss, my experience is your lucky to get 100% working ROM. (stupid Knox, though everybody says tripping Knox is not important)

          2. That’s because only stock based ROMs will work with the Galaxys. It boils down to drivers. Sure, it sucks if you feel you need to be on the latest and greatest version of android, but these are the better days of android and the upgrades are not game changers. Waiting a little longer for the Note 2 to get 5.0 isn’t going to kill him. He isn’t missing much.

          3. Lollipop is a game changer!!!

        2. Typical nexus fanboys don’t understand reality stock android is a dull, drastically boring day to day battery draining experience. No stock android handset since it’s first iteration has ever had good battery life and it’s a sad conclusion at why Google can’t figure it out period. Every Note handset has blown the doors off of Nexus devices in the battery department, camera department, storage department, and over feature enhancements and software implementation which consist of multitasking and productivity which is what a true phablet is all about. The Nexus 6 is a sad joke of a perpetrating phablet a total day to day battery draining bore. Definitely not worth the 600 plus dollars people paid for. I always thought Nexus users were just iPhone heads living in a world of make believe. #Note4isboss period KING OF THE PHABLETS same with the #NoteEdge.

          1. I do not know why I bother replying.. my last device was a Note 3. My Note 3 did not have better ilife than the Nexus 6. I am left shaking my head, do these people ever buy apps? With Nova, active wall paper, and my icon pack my device is not boring.

          2. Agreed.. One of the things that drew me to my Sony Z3 was that currently, only devices on Tmobile with Stock Android are the masive Nexus 6 and Nexus 5 16GB…but the Z3 has pretty much the simple Stock Android with little added features..perfect balance if u ask me..waiting on 2015 Nexus 5

          3. lol, you’ll do all that but not root and remove bloatware? IMO, rooted, bloatless Note > custom Nexus

            But that I always root my androids, Nexus or not. Just too many features non-root phones can’t have and should have. xposed FTW!

          4. Touch wiz is the only UI that is more boring than vanilla android, not to mention way more laggy as well.
            It’s also the only UI that looks as if an 8 year old designed it.

          5. I got the Nexus 6 not because of the phablet reference you mentioned but because I wanted a Nexus with a bigger screen. I had the Note 4 and I NEVER used the S pen but a few times. While the screen is slightly better and battery life is eh slightly better as well. I prefer a clean UI, features I use frequently right at my finger tips not where i have to go searching for them because Samsung is notorious at hiding stock android features inside their bloated TW UI and also when i want to change a certain setting I don’t have to dig through TW cluttered settings to find them. Oh and have you used SmartLock? No need for fingerprint scanners which was rushed and implemented horribly to say the least. Especially if you only have one hand free. Not to mention I use wireless charging a lot and I don’t feel compelled to buy a special cover just to activate that feature. I mean I can keep.going but I’ll rather not. You get the point. But hey if the Note 4 is for you then I hope you enjoy it but to bash someone elses preference because its not matched up with yours is well quite lame to say the least.

          6. Man, it is almost like the guy named “galaxyNote4isBoss” is biased or something…

      3. You didn’t like the N7 and its accurate colors?

        1. It was ok, nothing to write home about, I didn’t like the light bleeding on the sides, made it seem cheap. I sold it pretty quickly since I’m not a big tablet user. Imo the Galaxy Note 4 has an amazing screen and the colors seems accurate.

          1. Actually the Note 4 colors are heavily saturated.

          2. Not according to the display mate review :
            The Galaxy Note 4 Basic screen mode has the most accurate colors for Standard (sRGB/Rec.709) consumer content of any Smartphone or Tablet display that we have ever measured.

    3. The note 4 has touch wiz and is a flimsy cheapo Samsung so nexus 6 all the way here.

      1. Another biased fanboy. I think I’ve dropped my Note >10 times with no case and nothing but a scuff or nick in the side here and there. they are quite tough

        1. Whom am I biased towards?
          Only fan boys are Samsung one’s, they’re even worse than apple ones in my opinion.
          I’ve dropped all my phones I’ve owned as well with no case and sustained no damage. And they weren’t $700 pieces of plastic.
          Majority of note 2 owners I know had been through at least one screen. Only other phones as prone to breakage I’ve seen as Samsung one’s are Iphones and the nexus 4.

    4. Nexus devices give you the freedom of an unlocked bootloader and carrier unlocked. You can do whatever you want with the Nexus phone you bought. If you buy a phone with a locked bootloader, you can only do with it what the manufacturer and carrier let you do (granted people often find ways around it).

    5. The Note 4 is a good phone, but some people prefer to have an unlocked bootloader and not having to worry about the OEM’s releasing updates for our phones to get updated.

      You sacrifice things with either phone.

  8. Great… At this rate I’ll be buying my next major device in 2016. Everything yet to release is already too old.

  9. Thank you T-Mobile for the Jump Program. I’ll makes sure to have my Z3 half paid off to upgrade around…summer…

  10. who the hell cares about the cores if the soft is laggy? ios works great on dual core 1.2 with 1 gb of ram, i had Android with the same specs and it is terrible.

    1. you are 110% right my desktop has had 3 diffrent cpus in the past 2 most recent have been amd fx-8350 i used in 2012-2013 and last january i switched to a intel i5 4670k and the intel chip is so much better even tho i dont notice it from the naked eye. my nexus 7 (2013) still runs perfect too

  11. im just waiting till our phones and tablets ect. use only less than 50 milliwatts.

  12. I just need fluid software. All these new processors now are nothing without stable, made for the phone software.

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