You can buy the OnePlus One without an invite tomorrow


oneplus one no invite jan20

New year new gear, says OnePlus. The company has announced the first opportunity to buy the OnePlus One without an invite in 2015, and it goes down tomorrow, January 20th. Like previous opportunities, this is a limited time offer that will have a short window of time — you’ll have just two hours to nag one without having to fork over an invite or wait for a pre-sale opportunity.

The two hour window will be from 7pm to 9pm Eastern, which figures to be 19:00 to 21:00 GMT for those of you in Europe. Should all go well (OnePlus had major server issues the first time they did this, but those issues have likely been addressed) you’ll have a brand new OnePlus on your doorstep. It might not be the newest phone out there, but the OnePlus One is still one of the best values in mobile right now and it wouldn’t be a bad buy for anyone in need of an upgrade.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. You guys need to learn how to convert times. 7PM is 19:00, 9PM is 21:00, eastern time is not GMT. In GMT it would be 00:00 to 02:00 on Jan 21.

  2. And looking at the OnePlus page, it’s 7PM-9PM local time in GMT, Eastern, and Hong Kong. No time conversion needed.

    1. In other words, it’s three separate sales windows for three different regions.

  3. Dumping stock to prepare for the OnePlus Two?

    1. They never had stock.

  4. Anyone that is reading this and considering buying this phone realize you are literally rolling the dice. If the phone never has issues it’s a good deal for the money. If it has problems you paid for a paper weight or in my case a phone that won’t fully charge and takes forEVER to get any useable charge. I’ve since called it a loss and live and learn. OnePlus will no longer be in business in a year. Customer service does not exist or does their warranty. Emails to the chinese office will get you a return email days later (all email dialog takes days between emails) and they will make some silly suggestions that are useless (please try another cable. yep sure that’s what it is) and then close the ticket They have no ethics, no honor and in time no business. So if you have 400 to risk knock yourself out. If you are risk adverse stay very far away from this company.

    1. ignoring the the vast majority of actually users who have no problems. understandable that those with problems will complain.

      1. Hey if you mean those that got good phone no argument here. Wish I was one of them. Unfortunately I wasn’t and all you have to do is read the message boards to understand if your phone f#cks up you’re screwed. Horrible customer service practices. But I sure am happy for you if you were one of the lucky ones.

        1. I agree that it takes a fair amount of time to get a response from OP as well as to get you a warranty replacement (1.5 months in my case) but they DEFINITELY honor the warranty. Just be patient !

          Hint: PM “SANAM” via Oneplus forum with your Case/Request Number, you will get a much faster response than emailing.

          1. 1.5 months and you believe that is acceptable? In my case they closed the ticket without confirming the problem was fixed. It wasn’t. Hey if there are enough people that are OK with these practices then I’m wrong and oneplus will flourish. But I just bet you are the exception. Not the rule and closing open tickets and waiting over a month to replace a phone isn’t going to fly. They will fail and it is solely due to their support model, which is, they don’t have one. They’ll never get another Lenny from me and I will personally tell my story every chance I get. Android sites promoting this sham of a company is a shame. They are screwing a good percentage of their base that would buy a device from this POS company. OK. I’m out. Apologists for Oneplus do not do anyone any good. Peace.

          2. 1.5 months? lmao that is horrible. That is really bad

    2. Hey there, my name is Audrey and I am with OnePlus customer support. Firstly, I completely understand your concern. Admittedly, we had a rocky couple of months in regards to customer service after our pre-orders, as we grew faster than expected and experienced some growing pains. We are still a young company that just passed our 1 year mark, but that isn’t an excuse; we take full responsibility for our customer service issues during that period. But, we’ve worked hard to grow and improve our customer service over the past several months.

      Kevin, I’m sorry that you’ve had trouble in the past. If your ticket was closed before your issue was resolved, I can assure you it was a mistake (and not done with poor intentions). I’d love to help make it right, and I’d be beyond grateful if you’d give us another shot.

      Could you send me an email at Audrey(at)Oneplus.net, including your customer service ticket number? I’ll oversee it personally.

      Thanks for your time, and sorry again that you had a negative experience.

      Never Settle.

      1. ARE YOU JOKING RIGHT NOW?!?!?! Who is OnePlus Targeting?! A random Tuesday or Wednesday, randomly placed 3 weeks into the month…

        …Who is paid when you guys do this crap?

        Sell on Fridays or at the beginning of the month!!!

        I have two contracts which both pay monthly… Seriously, even bi-weekly employees get paid on a Friday in the States.

        Do what you want in China, But target US Citizens by our pay periods & quit screwing around!!!


  5. Too little too late!

  6. meh….

  7. Good phone for the money, but the customer service and delayed support is the worst I have ever dealt with. Two to three weeks of emails to get a replacement authorization for a $10 broken on arrival glass screen protector replaced? They need to be doing it better than that. A bad reputation is really hard to undo.

  8. CM12 on one plus one muei bueno

  9. Your Eastern time to GMT conversion is very wrong.

  10. lol a year later and they still have to have time windows when you can buy it without an invite. lol no thanks

  11. Loving my one and my only one

  12. If anyone missed out.


  13. the invitation system was a real obstacle for this excelent phone, I wonder if it has done more good than harm to OnePlus

    iphone 6 prix prix galaxy note 4

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