Sony Xperia Z4 looks to have gained certification in Japan, official unveiling during Mobile World Congress?



After there wasn’t any word of a Sony Xperia sequel during this year’s CES, it seems the Japanese manufacturer could actually be forgoing their usual 6-month release schedule in favor of a more traditional yearly timing for their flagship devices. While many Android fans are chomping at the bit, waiting to see what Sony could unveil, the still unannounced Sony Xperia Z4 seems to have been certified in its homeland of Japan.

Three versions of the Z4 were certified (PM-0792-BV, PM-0793-BV, PM-0794-BV — one for each of Japanese carrier) and while many of the device’s details weren’t disclosed, it’s proof that an updated model may soon be upon us. Well, in Japan anyway. Unlike HTC, Sony has yet to send out any press invites for announcements during Mobile World Congress, but there’s still plenty of time left.

We don’t expect to see too much of an upgrade from last year’s Sony Xperia Z3, perhaps a beefed up processor and an OIS camera. The phone we’re most excited about is the Sony Xperia Z4 Compact, the smaller variant which is rumored to come equipped with a 4.7-inch 1080p display and 3,000mAh battery. Seems to address our major complaints about the current Xperia Z3 Compact, and we couldn’t be more excited.

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  1. Going to be a harder sell in Canada, SONY announced closure of all their (14) stores nationwide yesterday..

    1. To this day, I’ve still never actually seen a Sony Store (California resident).

      1. There is one in Glendale…(California Resident too) : )

        1. Whaaaaaa? I’m in Torrance! Let’s grab a drink :D

          1. Las Vegas in the ceasar. Never been?

      2. There’s one in Palo Alto in the mall near Standford.

      3. Neither have I /:

      4. I have never seen one in Europe either

      1. The Eton Centre Toronto one closed in November and Microsoft moved in.. not sure if that was in the count of stores closing?

  2. The definition of “compact” sure seems to be inching upward… 4.7″? I can’t believe my HTC One M7 is now compact.

    1. Shrink the bezels on the HTC One M7 and it would be :P

  3. Just got the Z3 w/ Magenta’s JUMP program..#Winning

    1. Would you like some #cocaine and #hookers with that?

      1. Just a warm glass of milk and a BJ

        1. lol

    2. Z3 is dope.

      1. Love my Z3c best phone I have owned

  4. I thought the whole point of the compact series was to retain processor package and camera and have around the same battery life while only using a 720p display?

    Why not ruin it with a 1080p, it’ll cost more and be considered a flagship model

    1. if the make battery larger it might not be too bad, plus the chipset might do power saving better. Also lets be fair the phone could easily be a couple mm deeper.

      1. I definitely disagree. As small as the phone is for a 4.6″ display, the squared edges and current thickness definitely hinder one handed usability. I have a Moto G that was my daily before this and not only is it thinner but the tapering towards the edges of the phone makes it noticeably easier to reach across the device compared to the Z3 Compact. I plan to sell this and upgrade when the time comes but if it is any larger that would ruin it for me. I would actually rather they kept 720p, improve the camera, battery if possible, Qi charging and made it thinner or changed up the boxy design.

        For example the small iPhone 5s is easy to grip but the sharp edges and boxy design actually make it a royal PITA to hold and use one handed IMHO, if you compare any thick boxy edged phone to one with tapered edges you’d know exactly what I mean.

  5. The Sony compact phones are the last of the good small phones…well that and the iphone 6.

    1. What’s with the fireproof suit?

      1. For the iPhone 6 part of the comment.

        1. Are you on crack? What the hell are you talking about?

          1. For “flaming”comments genius. Please think before you comment and make yourself look stupid.

          2. Bite a cyanide capsule and die, douchefag.

          3. This is going to be my last response to you, I’m not going to waste anymore time on some random jerk on the internet. Don’t you have anything better to do than harass people on Android websites? You’re the first jerk I’ve met on phandroid, congratulations I guess.

          4. Harassment. Says the one who actually got the lame-ass reference with the firesuit. I make bad jokes and even I thought that firesuit thing was bad.

            Btw, it’s not harassment to tell a self-righteous wiseguy to climb a wall of dic*’s for telling people to stop being stupid. Calling someone stupid for not getting some obscure reference simply based on a little bit of context and a blank picture is rather arrogant. Remember that next time you feel like thinking someone is stupid or telling someone he is being stupid.

    2. Considering the size of the bezels on the iPhone 6, it’s about as big as a lot of the 5″ Android phones. Not exactly what I’d call “small”, even if most OEMs are running square into phablet territory.

      1. Yeah I guess you are correct if you look at the overall footprint of the device. I was thinking more screen size. I dont find it hard to reach the entire screen one handed on the iphone 6. I love my nexus 6 but, the more I use it, the more I miss the smaller phones. Kinda wish I would have kept my N5 …..not enough to sell my n6 and go back though ; )

        1. Absolutely the iphone 6 is so much bigger that the compact and they only have a VERY slightly larger screen. Its amazing how that physical home button really takes up a tonne of space. They can’t make the top bezel smaller as the entire phone will become unbalanced. Feel strongly that apple need to kill that button.

  6. In another news recent buyers of Z3 are pissed

    1. Especially if on VZW where they actually got a 90% Z2, but called a Z3v.

      So what’s next on VZW for the Z4? A Z4v that is left over Z3 parts in a Z2 body?

      1. Good lord give it up already.

        1. Keeping it going just for you. Stick around, more to come.

          1. Haha stoopid

    2. Why, you still can’t get a Z4 yet and it’s probably a minor upgrade with a higher price tag.

  7. Well this is wonderful news as I was considering an upgrade to the z3 compact (from the z1 compact). Wait until after MWC and it should be even cheaper than 450!

  8. I think Z4 will be as impressive as Z4 Compact

  9. Awesome information given here & I like one thing in sony mobile is their camera sensor which is most powerful.

  10. “4.7-inch 1080p display and 3,000mAh battery. Seems to address our major complaints about the current Xperia Z3 Compact, and we couldn’t be more excited.”

    Seriously!? These are complaints about a near perfect device. 1080p is almost unnecessary (still welcome though) and the device already has a 2 day battery life! I’m most looking forward to the possibility of Qi charging (as they’re rumored to drop the awkward magnetic charge ‘port’) and the IMX230 sensor (http://phandroid.com/2014/11/17/sony-exmor-rs-imx230-official/ ) but these would all be just icing on the cake.

  11. this is really great news.. hope Sony Xperia Z4 will get release soon in march 2015 as expected

  12. no chris the z4 compact is the phone “your” excited for. I can gurantee nobody else is

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