Google Translate’s big update is here, and it’s everything we were hoping for [VIDEO]


Earlier in the week we reported on a story that Google was readying an update for Translate that would make for easier real-time translation. We speculated the company would also look to bring Word Lens functionality, which allows you to get instant translation of words through your camera as if the sign had its info in your language of choice.

translate word lens

And now that update is already here. Word Lens is just like it is in the app that’s been in Google Play for quite some time. You point your camera at a sign, menu, or what have you, and it’ll transform any foreign words on it into the language of your choice as it would show up on the actual sign. Neat stuff, there. The functionality only works when translating English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish languages, with more said to be on the way soon.

translate real time

Also, as mentioned, they’ve vastly improved real-time translation features. Simply tap a button to signify that you want translate to start listening, and it’ll begin dictating words that you speak. It automatically recognizes the language, and will automatically translate to or from the languages you specify. The sweet part is that you no longer have to tap a button for each and every bit of dialog you want to exchange: just keep talking and the app will do all the work.

The update should be going live in Google Play later today, though as of the time of this writing it has yet to show up. Be sure to check for it throughout the day if you’ve been waiting on it.

[via Google]

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  1. Google’s speech to text has improved over the years, but it still makes mistakes, so I could see handy translate tool creating some funny/awkward moments.

  2. Awesome… one less application that I have to have on my phone. (Word Lens)

  3. 1 word = Awesome

  4. I can’t wait to use this on my coworkers. Lol. When people start talking in another language in front of me, just turn this on and join in the conversation. Lol

    1. OMG! I hadn’t thought of that! LMAO! How cool would that be?

  5. please support japanese please support japanese please support japanese please support japanese please support japanese please support japanese please support japanese

    1. Agreed.

  6. Japanese should have been a starting language

    1. Japanese is a bit too complex to start off with. Give em time and they’ll support it though.

  7. Wow

  8. Holy crap, Babelfish is finally here !!! very impressive stuff.

  9. Funny, this has existed in WIndwos Phone for 2 years now… It shows how blinded people are by Android and Google.

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