Hands-on with the 5,000mAh Blu Studio Energy and more [VIDEO]


Blu Life One DSC08113

Earlier today we showed you the super thin Blu Vivo Air. That phone was just one of the many devices Blu is showing off at CES this year. We were able to check out the Blu Studio Energy, Blue Life One, Blu Life One XL, Blu Studio X, and Blu Studio X Plus.

The cool thing about these devices is none of them cost more than $200 unlocked. The Blu Studio Energy is probably the most interesting of this bunch. It has a whipping 5,000mAh battery packed into its 10.4mm thick frame. Talk time is rated at 52 hours and since it’s dual-SIM, it might be the perfect phone for a weekend getaway.

The Blu Life One and One XL have 5-inch and 5.5-inch displays. Both are 720p IPS LCDs with Gorilla Glass 3. They both also have very respectable 13MP cameras and microSD card slots. On the surface these specs don’t sound great, but the aluminum frame makes them feel much more premium.

Last is the Studio X and Studio X Plus. These two phones are also available with 5-inch and 5.5-inch 720p displays. The things that make the X line different from the Life One devices is a smaller 8MP camera and MediaTek processor instead of Qualcomm.

All of Blu’s phones are expected to get Android 5.0 Lollipop thanks to the fact that they run stock software. Motorola made waves with the affordable Moto G and Moto E, but Blu has been doing the same thing for a while now. Attractive devices with great build quality and pure Android. You can’t go wrong.

Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. is it only to me XL black back looks like OnePlus One?

    1. It’s a similar “sandstone” material. Feels identical.

  2. my mouth is water….mmmmm doooooonuuutttttttttt

  3. If the logo on the back wasn’t so ugly, these would be nice.

    1. Come the F on, a logo on the back keeps it from being nice…you know what, have a good day, you’re dismissed

      1. All things being equal, I factor design into my tech choices. Duh.

        1. It’s not like you said, the phone was to fat, it was too tall ,it was to cheaply constructed, heck the headphone jack is not in the right place for me….. You said LOGO ON THE BACK, that’s all people ask for is back branding, I done heard it all when it comes to nitpicking after your comment

          1. They have an ugly logo. That’s not my fault.

  4. BLU don’t make waves, but I bought one of their previous phones as a backup and ended up giving it to my mom. Sure you make sacrifices… not the best screen panels, they’re not the best at upgrading their handsets to the latest and greatest. BUT, for the price, I have to say they’re very honest handsets and I’m very satisfied with end result.

    Kudos to them on their success.

  5. When you see a hardly known phone maker do 5,000mAh, and major brand names are still messing with 2800-3500ish on a good day, it kind of makes you wonder if the big guys are playing the hold back game on what they are capable of now so they can sell it to you later as a major breakthrough upgrade. I mean come on, these guys can do 5,000mAh in a 10.4mm body – that’s pretty darn good. The latest lame Turbo is 8.3-11.2 mm thick and only gives you 3900. Similar thickness, 1100mhz less… from a near no name company versus a household name.


    1. I been saying they be holding back

    2. Put it in their perspective. Why make a product that people buy once and only once? Why put forth the best effort if their moderate effort yields top sales? How does the no name do? Not enough to be a viable threat. So why increase labor, location, etc expenditures?

      1. because many companies are struggling, only a few are yielding top sales. This is no big consiracy in my opinion, its just manufacturers trying to manager high end parts, with costs, with battery size, with phone design and thickness.

        1. I am talking about in general.

    3. No, there’s isn’t a vast conspiracy to hold back the rate of technological progress, because we still have lots COMPETITION w/o a monopoly bully (like we used to have with Intel before AMD beat them to 1Ghz, and even then, progress is still exponential)

    4. Well, they are also using significantly lower-end parts outside of the battery. Which take up less room, so they have more room for a bigger battery. Compromises, man. Compromises.

    5. There’s a lot more to a battery than simple capacity. For all we know, this is a POS battery

  6. I wish that more manufacturers would add such big battery’s. I used to own a galaxy note 1 with a 5000mah battery so I never had to worry about battery life. It made the divice pretty big and heavy but it was definitely worth it

  7. Blu is all about lies. They promise updates but never deliver. 90% of their devices never receive even one update..

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