ASUS CES teaser uses morse code to deliver message, and it reveals a big camera feature


ASUS is planning to make a rather big announcement at CES 2015 next week, and they’ve already dropped a big teaser. This one was loaded up with some morse code. Might have been a problem for any old slab to read back in the days before the Internet showed us how to do everything, but we’re not back in those days and the message was easily decoded:

“optical zoom”

That’s what it says, and that’s it. That’s enough to get us excited for the camera of this forthcoming device which previous leaks and teasers (pictured below) revealed could be powered with dual sensors.

Although not new (Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, anyone?), optical zoom on a smartphone camera would be quite the treat, and we can’t wait to see just how it performs once ASUS takes the wraps off during their presser next week.

asus ces morse code teaser

asus phone shot ces 2015

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  1. I’m trying to tell y’all .. This thing is gonna be equipped with night vision lol

    1. I had the same theory last week when they released the info. that would be kind of cool….but not really revolutionary.

      1. I kinda think its hard to be revolutionary on a cellphone, i think cellular devices should stick to cool

        1. You know, thats a pretty good point…

    2. Wouldn’t be hard at all. Just one more thing poking it’s self out of the back cover.

  2. Maybe tapping the back will enhance the optical zoom in camera mode?

  3. If it’s real and within a small package, insta-buy. Now just support my network ASUS!

  4. If they actually decided to sell more of their devices (other than computer and tablets) in the US, I would be WAY more interested.

  5. Optical zoom, is sorely needed, but, what REALLY needs to happen, if the smartphone device makers really want to kill off small pocket cameras, is to INCREASE the SIZE of the photo sensor inside. Keeping that pinhole size, along with packing more and more photocells, isn’t going to help. The size of the sensor, and the glass, needs to increase, something along the lines of that Samsung Zoom smartphone. Once someone figures out a way to put a 10x optical zoom, with somewhere near an APS-C sensor and figure out a way to minimize the footprint, THEN you’ll really have something.
    Personally, for my day to day use, the smartphone cameras currently are “good enough” for quick low-mid quality snapshot. If I really want to take photographs of something, no smartphone is going to come close to my dSLR and the 4 lenses I carry around…but, smartphones don’t cost several thousand dollars either.

    1. Panasonic’s new phone has very large sensor & optical zoom and is available in europe. Larger sensor than most small compact cameras

    2. Hell if they can put a sensor APS-C sized in my phone, without any optical zoom ill be happy. Everyone seems to get all excited about this focus or that MP count, when the biggest improvement would come from a sensor that’s bigger than 1/2.3mm.

  6. I’m quite amazed by my $95 Asus Zenfone 4’s camera. At that price range, cameras are usually very lousy like the Lenovos’. Zoom + Wide Angle perhaps ?

    “see what others can’t see” – is VERY bold statement. It’s akin to saying, our camera can do what other cameras can’t

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