HTC Hima shows up in AnTuTu benchmark with Snapdragon 810, 3GB RAM, and 1080p display


HTC Hima AnTuTu benchmark

We’re barely a few days away from 2015 and the rumored HTC Hima — the manufacturer’s followup to this year’s stellar HTC One M8 — is making an appearance in an AnTuTu benchmark as the HTC6535LVW.

Tipped off by famed leaker @upleaks, the benchmark seemingly confirms many of the next-gen specs we’ve been hearing about the device, listing off such hardware as a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor, 5-inch 1080p display (yes!), 20.7MP / 13MP front facing cameras, 3GB of RAM, — all running on Android 5.0.1 Lollipop.

Really, the info here doesn’t reveal anything new. It wasn’t too long ago @upleaks posted a much more detailed “leak,” with info on the phone’s alleged physical dimensions (144.3 x 69.4 x 9.56), accessories, color palette (gray, silver, gold, gun metal/gold), battery size (2,840mAh) and expected launch date: March 2015.

Also worth noting is the name “Hima” is likely only being used for internal purposes and will launch under something much different (although we’ve heard rumors HTC will ditch the current M_ naming convention). We expect this is just the first of many leaks to come and a great way to usher in the coming new year.

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  1. Surprised that it doesn’t have a 2k screen. Not a deal breaker though IMO.

    1. Surprised and very pleased it doesn’t have a 2K display.

      1. Same here,

      2. Because of better battery life?

        1. battery life and performance…I have a g3 and the only content i use that’s 2k is my wallpaper. 2k videos movies/videos are exactly flowing with abundance, and HD content takes up a TON of space.

  2. Does this mean HTC is ditching the “ultrapixel” concept? God I hope so!

    1. Fingers crossed!

  3. Man, if that is true, this phone will be perfect for me. I can upgrade now, but I’m going to wait for this phone. I saw another rumor earlier that said the phone is expected to be revealed at CES instead of the March event that was previously reported. I hope this is true because I’m really ready for a new phone. My DNA’s memory is all filled up and it’s starting to annoy me.

    1. I’d put money against HTC announcing anything at CES, although anythings possible I guess.

      1. Awww don’t rain on my parade man. lol The rumor I read justified the earlier announcement by essentially saying they wanted to get the phone out now in order to compete with the current group of flagships (e.g., Note 4, iphone 6/6+, Nexus 6, etc…) rather than waiting later and having the phone eclipsed relatively soon after. Seemed like good reasoning assuming the phone is near ready for release right now.

  4. If the battery life is better (or at least on par) with the M8, I’ll be definitely updating my M7 to “Hima.” The specs are awesome, even without a battery-sucking 4K screen.

    1. The fact that they’re keeping a 1080p display is my favorite part about this phone. Lol

      1. Yeah 1080 screen and “normal” camera FTW.

      2. You dam right, im purchasing day 1

      3. Yep! It seems to have solid specs that’ll be good for another 2 years. I’m excited on what they do with Sense 7

      4. And camera should be much better, I hate the camera on my m8 otherwise love it, specially the screen

  5. Waterproof and removable battery and I’d take a serious look. HTC’s batteries have burned me before, still too soon HTC.

  6. I applaud htc for 2 things: keeping the device at 5 inches, and upping the camera to 20 mp, actually the camera was my only gripe with my m8, otherwise I love it, best believe I’ll be upgrading to this!

  7. Not a bad M9, but how will they market it to the Average Joe when Samsung or Apple can market better towards casual users?

    1. What would they have to do to market it to you?

      1. A much bigger screen, better multi-tasking features, a removable battery, stylus, finger print scanner, and a 2k display. I am not in the market for a new phone since I have the Note 4, but HTC makes great products that don’t sell enough because people buy into the Apple and Samsung hype machines for the most part. I have the Note 4 since nobody makes as good of a phablet as Samsung does with their Notes.

        1. It’s not a phablet and not meant to compete with phablets. That said, they ought to make a “Max” version for phablet lovers.

        2. i have a G3, and i see no reason for HTC to jump on the 2k bandwagon.

        3. The thing I like about HTC is that it doesn’t try to overload its phones with unnecessary features. I mean those things might be nice for some, but not everyone wants to bog down their phones with tons of features they’ll never use.

          1. How does a QHD screen bog down a phone though? The tech is there, so why not implement and foster it properly?

          2. Pushing all those pixels requires more power. It’s not really a matter of being implemented properly. It’s just an extra load that has to be pushed. No matter how much you optimize for 2K, performance will always be better with 1080. From what I’ve seen, the gains in clarity aren’t worth the cost in performance.

  8. Everything is how I want it: 5 inch, 1080p, 20MP and 13MP, Snapdragon 810, 3GB.. WET DREAM FOR ME! FINALLY!

    1. Yes, if only it wasn’t so tall. Cut down on the darn top n bottom bezels like LG and Motorola has done.

      1. From what I read they did

        1. Yes, but not enough. It’s still 4mm taller than the bigger screened Moto X 2nd gen.

          1. Man as long as its gets a little smaller than good, it can’t compare to something like the lg g3 because lg don’t have dual facing speakers like the m8 has and m9 will

  9. Hopefully my next phone

  10. If it has the LTE bands I need it could be my next phone!

  11. It it’s reasonably priced off contract, I’m buying.

    1. If there’s a GPE version, I’m in.

      1. Exactly. If there won’t be a nexus of reasonable price, it’s easily the next best thing since we know one plus can’t get their stuff together.

  12. Sheesh… can’t they give us a 5.2-5.5 inch device, here they are making another tiny device.

    1. If HTC made the this bigger, there’d be no flagships left 5″ or less. I wouldn’t mind 5.2″ though.

      1. Yeah, an extra .25″ on the screen would have been ideal. But this will certainly make a nice upgrade for my current M7.

    2. There are rumors that two other variants will be coming out with this, one of them potentially being a bigger phone.

    3. Cmon toomuch, you know I’ve told you time and time again that HTC refuses to listen to their core consumer base. Everything you love about them today will be gone tomorrow, you’ll see.

      1. This is not fair Jay. I’ve been so loyal to them… Guess we’ll see how it turns out

  13. HTC really needs to go back and just enhance one of their old designs because they’ve had some great ones over the years.

    The new iPhones are essentially the HTC One S. HTC just needs to make are large version of that.

    1. I agree. I think the One X and S were the best designs on any android phone.

      1. One of my personal favs as well design wise.

  14. This thing is going to FLY.

    1. No doubt! Huey from the Boondocks in wallpaper, right? Funny show.

  15. Just add waterproofing and I’ll run this phone for years…

  16. Dang, if my HTC DNA wasn’t dying I would of waited to buy this phone but was forced to upgrade to a M8 instead. The M8 is nice and what the DNA should of been but the camera could be better.

  17. My body is ready. I love everything about this. I really wanted a 4k screen but I understand the drawbacks. This thing is going to be a rocket ship. If they make a gpe edition I will seriously have to consider the two options.

    1. Why… seriously, why do you want or even need a 4K screen in 5″. That’d be like 1000ppi. You can’t even tell when it’s 400 from standard viewing distance.

      It makes a whole lot more sense to not make a processor have to dish out a ridiculous amount of pixels.

  18. Im the BIGGEST HTC supporter, but even im a bit disappointed by the only 5 inch screen. Finally went Nexus 6, dont see myself coming back for this. Hope the variant is bigger.

    1. Let’s not jump to conclusions. There could be an HTC Hima Max.

  19. Holy androids, Batman!! This phone is going to be amazing 1080p screen!? All the battery life!!

    And 13MP FFC? Glad I held out on using my jump on the N6. Let’s see what HTC has in store for us.

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