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Francisco Franco has brought his much-loved kernel to Google’s latest enthusiast device. The developer, who says he’s fallen in love with the device in his time having it, says the upgrade is being pushed out at some point later today. The previous version of the kernel already works seamlessly with the Nexus 6, though this upgrade will likely brings changes specific to the Nexus 6 and the hardware packed inside.

Franco’s Kernels have long been celebrated due to their clean, fast performance and advanced features, and anyone hoping to keep their device in tip-top shape a few years past its purchase date would be wise to use it (or any decent after-market kernel) on their Nexus 6. For those interested, you’ll simply have to install the Franco Kernel Updater on your rooted Nexus 6, and wait for the goodness to arrive to your phone over-the-air.

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  1. Better yet, purchase the paid updater here: and support Francisco. He’s one of the greats.

    1. Agreed. Purchased that app years ago. Makes me almost want to go custom on my Nexus 6.

      1. My Nexus 6 is arriving in a few days, was able to finally snag a 64gb unlocked version from Moto’s website. First thing I’m doing is disabling forced encryption, and adding double tap to wake.

        1. Double tap to wake is present on the Kernel by default, you just need to enable it from the command line, or use some app.

          1. You have to root and install a $.99 app. And is this the real Francisco Franco?, That would be amazing.

          2. Yes, it’s the real me. You just need root, you can use the terminal, or adb shell or whatever to enable it. You can use an app for commodity though.

          3. Ok thanks. And you’re awesome, I’ve used your kernel on so many phones, and have the paid app, keep up the great work man.

  2. If his kernel is that good, maybe Google should hire him and bake his changes into the official kernel.

    1. That might not be the best career move for him.

  3. Trinity!!


  4. … Francisco Franco? I thought he died in 1975.

    1. The dictator did.

  5. Curious why specifically promote this kernel? Faux, Imoseyon, and others produce quality kernels as well.

    1. Maybe the OP likes to use FK? He doesn’t say anywhere that other offers ain’t good – I’m sure they are.

  6. Just wondering if and when you plan to update the app in the play store to run on nexus 6?

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