Dec 24th, 2014

Everyone has their own little thing they like to do to get into the holiday spirit, and for some people, that little thing is taking $700 retail units of their Samsung Galaxy S5 and stuffing them into piles of snow. That’s right, Samsung’s using the Samsung Galaxy S5 as props for their company snowman.

It is, quite honestly, one of the creepiest snowmen I’ve ever seen. The eyes move in an unnaturally unsettling way. The heart beats as if it’s about to jump out of the snowman’s chest. And what snowman has a heart, anyway? Just creepy.

samsung galaxy s5 snowman 2

But, it is a good reminder that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is water resistant and can be used for things like this. I mean, I personally wouldn’t stuff my phone into a bulge of frozen water, but hey — if that’s your thing, then go for it! The festive video rests above.

[via Samsung]

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