Dec 22nd, 2014

Lyft bill split featured

It was one of Lyft’s most long requested features: allowing you to split a ride with friends or family so that nobody is stuck footing an entire bill. This has actually been one of the reasons many stick to Uber when traveling across town in groups, but starting today, you can finally split a ride on Lyft.

Lyft says all you have to do is open the app, open the ride options menu, then select “Split payment.” After that, you’ll be able to invite up to 5 friends from your contacts list to help split the bill. Once they accept, you’re on your way. Sure your friends could have always reimbursed using the old way, but this way everyone can avoid awkward confrontations and ensures everyone’s kneecaps remain safe.

You can find the recently updated Lyft app via the Google Play Store link down below.