Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is now available on Android


Star Wars KOTOR Android 1

Available for well over a year on iOS, Aspyr Media Inc’s Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic is now officially for Android devices. Bet you didn’t see this Christmas present coming, did ya?

Star Wars KOTOR Android 2

The developer notes that because the game hasn’t been “slimmed down” in anyway, the file size is quite large (2.4GB). That’s kinda what you get for downloading one of the greatest RPGs of all time. Here’s what you can look forward to.

  • An epic Star Wars™ role-playing experience with unique characters, creatures, vehicles and planets.
  • Learn to use the Force with over 40 different powers, plus build your own Lightsaber.
  • Adventure through iconic Star Wars locations, including Tatooine and the Wookiee homeworld Kashyyyk.
  • Choose your party from nine customizable characters, including Twi’leks, Droids and Wookiees.
  • Travel to eight enormous worlds in your own starship, the Ebon Hawk.
  • A streamlined user interface custom-made for the touch screen helps immerse you in the action.
  • Full HID controller support for those gamers that prefer the original control scheme.
  • For the first time, KOTOR has achievements!

As part of an introductory offer, the game is being offered for 50% off for a limited time only. Make haste, young Padawan.

Download on Google Play: Knights of the Old Republic ($5)

Thanks, @Zewuno!

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PSA: Some people have $20 Google Play Store credit waiting for them inside the Chromecast app

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  1. Awesome on Nexus 6.

  2. Great game! Boughted!

  3. I still have vivid memories of this game, especially the beginning where you have to use the droids to repair your partially exposed-to-space ship.

    1. You’re thinking of KOTOR 2, in the first one you wake up while the ship is being attacked by boarding parties.

      1. May be. It was a long time ago since I last played… (on a PC, far, far away… in a landfill)

  4. Not compatible with my hlte :-(

  5. Here’s to hoping I get some Google Play gift cards for Christmas!

    Edit: Also, I imagine my Gen 2 Moto X will last a solid 30 minutes before death.

  6. Bought!

  7. Awesome! Downloading now. Cant wait to play. And I know it’ll be even more awesome on my Nexus 6 once it arrives tomorrow.

  8. Not compatible with Note 2 (stock KitKat.) Anyone have any idea why it wouldn’t be?

    1. Just emailed the developer asking why. Is compatible with the S3 (older hardware), can’t see why it can’t work for the Note 2 :(

    2. I root your device and change the build.prop to fool Google into thinking your Note 2 is a Nexus 7. I have a Note 2 as well and had to do that. Still downloading so no clue how well it actually runs.

      **EDIT** Runs just fine! Screw developers and their device restrictions.

  9. This was the best RPG I ever played.

  10. Awesome! So many hours of my life wasted on this game back in the day! Now I can waste more!

  11. Bioware makes great RPGs, however don’t think I’d want to play this on a touchscreen.

    1. “• Full HID controller support for those gamers that prefer the original control scheme.”

      1. It’s the principle of the thing!

    2. It actually plays quite well.

  12. RPG has its own place in gamers list…now seems like the place just got enriched

  13. Bummer. I would have loved to have played this on my Nexus Player.

  14. Does not support Sega Genesis controller.

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