You can now use Google Wallet at Walt Disney World thanks to Apple



Walt Disney World was one of many places where you couldn’t use Google Wallet, but that is no longer true. Disney, as a part of Apple’s inner circle of besties, has finally added contactless payments. While it was to suit Apple’s own payment system Apple Pay, it’s common knowledge that Google Wallet cleanly works with any terminal that accepts Apple Pay.

The terminals will go live at most point-of-sale systems around the Magic Kingdom this Wednesday, December 24th, though restaurants and shops with portable payment terminals won’t have it until a while later.

It’s worth clarifying that this will only apply to Walt Disney World in Orlando, FL for now, and not the Disneyland resort out in California. That said, if you prefer Disney’s Californian destination it should be ready to go at some point in 2015. Keep all this in mind the next time you and the family decide to spend a week at one of the most interesting places in America.

[via WDWMagic]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. ….

  2. I just cant do this yet….it seems like it would be easy for someone to obtain my info if its just sitting on my phone….has anyone used it on the N6?

    1. Ive used the hell out of it. The card # is spoofed (aka its a fake card and it goes through Google to bill your real card) AND the app requires a pin (but you can choose to leave it unlocked for a specified period of time.

      Its orders of magnitude safer than a regular credit card (and on both you still get the same zero liability).

      Ive used it since it came out when available. Starting to see more readers pop up and hopefully Apple finally opens the flood gates.

      1. Hopefully, I need to start paying attention to where I can actually use it. I am actually going to disney next month so I’ll give it a go finally. Thanks for the response, I really didnt know/realize how much safer it is!

        1. Download the MasterCard PayPass app. It it is a directory of NFC terminals.

    2. Been using Wallet for 3 years now. It’s much safer than credit cards.

      1. do I just look for the little wifi logo on machines when paying for stuff?? I feel like i’m behind the times on it since I’m just not up to date on where to go, what to do etc. I have it set up on my phone already.

    3. your personal payment information isnt sitting on your phone, its all hosted on goggles servers. Only thing the phone MAY have is the virtual MC number which doesnt mean anything to a hacker

  3. ….and everyone who’s actually been to Disney World in the past few years says, “Who cares? Everyone gets a magic band that is connected to a credit card that you can use for contactless payments anyway.”

    1. true….I have mine and use them every time we go. They are waterproof, unlike my phone haha

    2. Magic Bands can only be associated with a credit card if you are staying on property. As a pass holder this is good news.

  4. I have seen terminals that refuse Google Wallet and only accept Softcard. I’d be wary.

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