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river woods wallpaper

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We’ve all heard the song. “Over the river and through the woods, to Grandfather’s house we go!” This poem was originally written about Thanksgiving, but it works just as well this time of year. Our wallpapers this week are all about the river and wood the author had to traverse to visit her grandparents. Many of us will be making similar trips for the holidays.

For your viewing pleasure we have 6 HD wallpapers to guide you home. To get one of these wallpapers on your phone, tablet, or even PC, simply tap or click on the image to see it at full resolution. Let us know which one is your favorite, and be sure to share a screenshot if you use one of these wallpapers! Enjoy, and Happy Holidays!

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Joe Fedewa
Ever since I flipped open my first phone I've been obsessed with the devices. I've dabbled in other platforms, but Android is where I feel most at home.

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  1. These look phenomenal

    1. Thanks I grabbed a few more.

  2. These look great except the last one. It looks like someone took a picture of an old photo with their phone.

    1. I think that was the desired look

  3. Wish we could save this from app. :(

  4. I opened the website and saved image#3, the cliffs and only got 640×480 I wouldn’t exactly call that HD, did I do something wrong?

    1. Never mind I’m an idiot I didn’t tap it enough times to blow it up full size and then download.

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