Intuit’s redesigned Turbo Tax app actually makes you want to do your taxes


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For some people, doing taxes sucks. Even if you’re getting a good deal of money back, it can often be a headache full of paper shuffling and number crunching that you wish you didn’t have to deal with. But if you’re a fan of beautiful apps, then you might want to give Intuit’s new TurboTax app for 2015 a go for your tax filing needs just to get a whiff of what they whipped up.

As usual, the app will ask you to tell them about your yearin finances, including what you made, whether you got married, if you have kids and all that jazz. After all that jazz, it’ll spit out an estimated refund that you’ll expect from the government. It’s then you’ll be urged to sign up for TurboTax’s cost-effective and easy filing services.

This year’s app brings a small hint of material design, mainly in the hamburger menu apparent through the app’s different views, but it’s still mostly TurboTax’s own flare.

turbotax app 2 2015

Even if you don’t anticipate going through TurboTax to handle your taxes, this app has always been a good way to get an early look at how much money you can expect the United States government to shove back into your wallet (or, in the depressing cases, snatch out). Be sure to grab it from the Google Play Store.

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  1. It’s not mentioned, even on Google Play, but I’m guessing this is only 1040-EZ returns?

    1. Yes, pretty sure.

    2. All versions besides business supported so 1040A and 1040 supported as well. Full featured app.

  2. If you’re getting a big return then you’re withholding too much. Don’t give the government an interest free loan.

    1. Exactly! I try to break even. Would rather owe a little . . . take an interest-free loan rather than give one! :)

  3. Nobody in its right state of mind want to do taxess, unless you are in welfare and have 10 kids

  4. I’ll bet it won’t make a 1099 contractor with two jobs and deductions make me want to use it.

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