3 great new games in Google Play: Exiles, Tales from the Borderlands and GTA: China Town Wars


A trifecta of awesome games have arrived to Google Play today that you should check out if you’re getting a bit bored of the current selection. Two of the games are ports of older games that have gotten a new layer of polish specially for Android.

tales from the borderlands banner

Tales of the Borderlands, for starters, is a Telltale-made (makers of The Walking Dead games) game based in the Borderlands universe. It’s classic Telltale, with a unique art style and engaging story being the backbones of the experience. It follows the stories of Rhys and Fiona, who find themselves coming together to reclaim a fortune of cash they believe is rightfully theirs. The game (Google Play link) costs $4.99 for per episode, with a total of 5 episodes slated to be available over the next few months.

GTA Chinatown Wars

Next up is Grand Theft Auto: China Town Wars, a spin-off game from the Grand Theft Auto universe that goes back to the series’ top-down roots. You’re in control of Huang Lee, a rich heir to the throne of the top of the Triad gangs. His father’s untimely death threatens his family’s control over the Triads, and it’s up to Huang to put the right events into motion to prevent that from happening. That’s another quick $4.99 if you want to partake (though note that price tag is for the full game).


Finally, the newcomer: Exiles. This RPG found its way into a Humble Bundle a couple of weeks back, but now it’s in Google Play for all to enjoy. This sci-fi RPG features nice 3D graphics, an open world environment and three different character classes to choose from. The plot? A colonized planet is threatened by Alien slavery and all that jazz. You know, your typical alien outer-spacey story present in almost every game in the genre.

That’s not a bad thing, though — the plot is tried and true, and it shines through as good as it ever has in Exiles. This one will run you $6.99, but we hear it delivers far more hours of fun than you could probably hope for on a mobile game. Be sure to check out all three of the downloads in Google Play using the links above.

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