Google Cardboard owners can now check out Street View in virtual reality


Cardboard Volvo

Google Cardboard, the inexpensive virtual reality kit that you can drop a phone into, has gotten another cool use today for those lucky enough to own one. You can now check out select locations in Street View as if you are really there.

Google considers it more of an easter egg than a feature, likely because the amount of folks who can take advantage of it is very limited. For that reason, the only way to access the view is by double tapping the “look around” button while you’re in Street View.

google cardboard streetview

You can try it out with the Burj Khalifa, a beautiful skyscraper over in Dubai. It should already be available in the latest version of Google Maps so take it for a spin whenever you’re feeling bored, adventurous or just need something new to do with your Cardboard.

[via Google+]

Quentyn Kennemer
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  1. Where can I get a cardboard for a nexus 6

    1. That’s the million dollar question.

        1. Are the apps compatible with the nexus 6

          1. Quick draw McGraw on the replies

        2. I was looking at The UC Large VR, but I didn’t see nexus 6.

      1. I’m willing to spend $10

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