Secret is no longer a Whisper copycat, relaunches as Yik Yak copycat instead


The new Secret app

Remember Secret? It was that app that was all the rage when it launched earlier this year on Android. Riding the wave of anonymous social networks, Secret eventually caved in on itself as posts — that were once about juicy gossip — quickly became nothing more than a way for its users to brag about sexual exploits. Soon after that, engagement dropped and with their backs against the wall, Secret was forced to reinvent themselves.


The old Secret

The newly relaunched Secret can be found right now in the Google Play Store, dropping the the postcard UI they arguably copied from Whisper, opting instead for something that looks more akin to Yik Yak. Gone are the oversized images with overlaying text, replaced now with a message board of simple text and small thumbnails for photos (which aren’t required to post, mind you).

The new Secret Android

The new Secret

Secret still touts anonymity for all its users, connecting them with people from their community, be it friends, co-workers, or others on campus. The big draw here is Secret’s all new way of allowing users to initiate a private conversations with anyone, a feature Secret says is a great way to meet new friends.

Of course, as we saw when Secret first launched, there’s not much you can do about the content posted when users essentially have a big sandbox to play in. It’s been said countless times before that anonymity on the internet brings out the worst in people, and we can’t help but see the new Secret suffering the same fate as the previous version. We doubt even the new chat features will help much that, but who knows.

You can give the new Secret a shot by downloading it free from the Google Play Store down below.

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  1. The first version was bad. The new version is terrible. They’ll be gone within a few months I bet.

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