Upcoming OnePlus One update will integrate MaxxAudio enhancements for greatly improved sound


maxxaudio waves oneplus one cyanogenmodOnePlus has announced a new forthcoming upgrade for the global version of their flagship handset, meaning those sold everywhere except the ones sold through India-specific sales channels. The upgrade focuses on one big area of improvement that OnePlus and the CyanogenMod team felt they needed to address: audio.

They’ve teamed up with Waves to integrate MaxxAudio enhancements into the CyanogenMod AudioFX app, a suite of equalizers and tools that’ll help bring out the best of your music and movies. OnePlus says they’ve whipped up 10 preset equalizers tuned specifically for both the onboard speakers and the official JBL E1+ headphones they sell, though you’ll also have fine control over bass and treble.

So when’s it coming? January is the current window, though no specific date has been revealed just yet. The company didn’t note whether they’d look into bringing these same improvements for the Indian version of the OnePlus One, but we’ll be sure to reach out to see if they have any plans in the pipeline.

[via OnePlus]

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  1. I already choose my OnePlus One over my laptop when listening to music on the speakers. Will this update bring it up to par with a hi-fi then? : P

  2. Why VZW do you not support this phone? I can’t wait to leave when my contract is up.

    1. They haven’t received their invite yet. :D

      1. lol, they don’t deserve one

  3. So my personal BT headphones don’t apply

  4. i’d have preferred if they worked on the camera apps…

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