HTC Video Chat Enhance arrives on Google Play, allows for easy updating of video chat features


HTC Video Chat Enhance

Taking a page out of Motorola’s book, HTC has been doing a great job at unbundling many of their apps and features from their core OS, and making them available on Google Play Store. An easier (and much quicker) way for HTC to update many of their exclusive apps found on their devices, these apps no longer have to rely on complete system updates (and carriers who seem to drag their feet).

Their latest addition to the Google Play Store is an application called HTC Video Chat Enhance, their application that handles HTC’s new video chat features introduced in the Eye Experience update (Android 4.4.4). The app is responsible for features like face tracking, screen sharing and — new in this update — drawing, a fun way to annotate screen shares during video chats.

HTC Video Chat Enhanced 1

For those unaware, HTC’s Video Chat Enhance features are currently compatible with Hangouts, Line, ooVoo, Tango, and WeChat, working seamlessly and most of the time, automagically. For HTC One M8 owners on Android 4.4.4, you can update via the Google Play Store. For everyone else, hit the link below and wonder what could have been had you gone M8.

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