Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft now available for Android, but only select regions



After launching back in April for iOS, Blizzard’s Hearthstone Heroes of Warcraft is now officially available for Android tablets. Well, for the most part anyway. According to Blizzard’s blog post, you can only pick it up in the Google Play Store if you live in Australia, Canada, or New Zealand at the moment. It’s standard practice, and one we’ve seen company’s like EA employ to ensure their servers and whatnot can handle the load.

If you clicked this post, there’s a good chance you already know exactly what Hearthstone is all about. For everyone else, think of it as an easy to pick up, hard to master card game featuring characters from Blizzard’s Warcraft titles.

Blizzard wouldn’t say exactly when to expect the title to hit other regions, only in “the coming days.” They also did mention that a smartphone friendly version would be out next year. We’ll be on the look out. For the lucky few, download link provided below.

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  1. Apk? i want to run on my one plus one.

  2. I might download that when it comes to the US simply because I like the art displayed in that pic haha

  3. I tested it on my Nexus 7 2013 and it often crashes.

  4. So this is like a nerd game?

    1. If only you were cool enough to be nerdy.

  5. Seriously, 8 months after iOS and they’re only releasing it in those regions? FU Blizzard! FU even harder for the fact that I can’t quit your stupid games lol

  6. Got it working on my NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet in the US – made a lil video of it for proof:

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