Half-Life 2: Episode One now available for NVIDIA Shield Tablet users



Something sweet has just arrived in the Google Play Store for NVIDIA SHIELD Tablet owners. As promised, NVIDIA and Valve have teamed up to release Half-Life 2: Episode One exclusively for SHIELD Tablet owners. That’s the only device you can play it on, and you can’t play it unless you have a controller, so keep that in mind before dropping the $7.99 it costs.

Half-Life games were known for their advanced physics, lighting and graphics, and were widely considered to be ahead of their time. This particular rendition was released in 2006, and has since been made available on the PC, Xbox 360, PS3 and Mac OS. Its debut on Android doesn’t mark the first time a Half-Life game has come to the platform — the original Half-Life 2 stole that honor earlier this year — but it’s exciting nonetheless.

Half-Life 2: Episode One continues the story of Gordon Freeman, a scientist faced with the impossible task of helping to thwart the extinction of the human race by a group of Aliens called the Combine. You’ll take control of Gordon and join Alyx, as well as her robotic dog, to do what an entire military apparently could not. Give it a go on your SHIELD Tablet if that sounds like something you want to take part in.

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  1. You can also play it on the Nexus 9 sans a few tweaks and pairing it with a Bluetooth controller.

  2. Sweet, an 8 year old game… Cutting edge Nvidia.

    How about some impressive games designed for touchscreens, instead of porting old games that require a controller to be playable?

  3. Where’s Episode 3?!

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