Gift Idea: crank up the tunes with these headphones [CONTEST]


active headphones

Happy Sunday, and welcome to another gift idea for our Gift-a-Day Giveaway! Today’s gift ideas are all about headphones. Everyone listens to music, podcasts, or watches videos with their gadgets. If you want to really immerse yourself (or not bother the people around you) a good pair of headphones is important. We’ve got a trio of headphones on sale right now from AndroidArea.



A good pair of over-ear headphones can make sitting at your desk all day a much more pleasant experience. The ZipBuds SELECT are comfortable to wear, and they offer professional sound quality. But the coolest thing about the SELECT headphones is the zipper cord. You can literally zip the cord up to prevent tangling and to make it comfortable to wear all day. It’s pretty nifty.

SPBEAT9 Bluetooth Headphones

active headphones 2

Our next pair of headphones is perfect for the active person in your life. Running with headphones can be super annoying. They fall out out of your ears; the cord is swinging around. It’s a mess. The SPBEAT9 Bluetooth headphones are great because they don’t have any cords, and the wrap-around design makes them sturdy on your head.

Toccs Feather Buds

feather buds

The TOCCs Feather Buds are the perfect mix of comfort, convenience, and high-quality sound. They’re super lightweight, and since they use Bluetooth there is a minimal amount of wires that can get tangled. The Feather Buds also come with a set of ear hooks so you can use them without worrying about them falling off.


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  1. Just bought the TOCCS Invisible Bluetooth headset and I’m a little disappointed. You would expect a better mic in a headset that retails for $100 get everyone says I’m really quiet. Not really sure if I’d want to trust their headphones…

  2. Noice giveaway Phandroid!

  3. #AndroidAreaJunk

  4. I feel lucky !

  5. Being a coffee lover, Expobar Lever (Espresso machine) would be a great gift for me. I have found it here: and then had luck to test it in real life. Anybody, make my wish true!

  6. I tried a pair like these back in the day (weren’t wireless). I never thought they were very comfortable. Maybe they’ve improved their design?

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