Neonex icon pack makes it easy to infuse some 80s nostalgia into your home screen


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No matter what mood you’re in, there are a million and one different ways to style your Android device to your liking. If you’re feeling a little nostalgic for the 80s, popular icon themer Samer Zayer will take you for a trip down memory lane with his latest pack: Neonex.

Anyone fortunate enough to grow up in the 80s will remember as a magical time filled with great music, poofy hair, hightops, and of course, lots of neon. With over 1,450 themed icons, chances are everything on your home screen will be covered. The developer mentions that he’ll be adding more icons in the future, and even takes requests from inside the app, making it easy to contact him about something he might have missed.

Neonex icon pack

For the newbies, simply paying for the icon pack isn’t enough to get them on your home screen. You’ll need to be running one of the many supported 3rd party launchers (home screens) in the Play Store to change your icons. To get that complete 80s look as picture above, here are the apps I’m using:

Home screen: Nova Launcher

Icon pack: Neonex

Clock Widget: Zooper Widget Pro

Widget theme: Supremez Zooper Pack

The best part about the icon pack is it’s perfect for AMOLED displays thanks to extremely dark or blacked out backgrounds. This could prove beneficial to your battery life if you spend a lot of time on your home screen. For all those interested, you can find Neonex in the Google Play Store for 99 cents.

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  1. *puts on Jams Shorts & downloads icon pack*

    1. *put on a mesh shirt, parachute pants, Members Only jacket and a pair of Capezio shoes.

  2. I am disappointed by the author Samer Zayer. He doesn’t support his iconsets. All the icon packs I bought from him are no longer updated since maybe more than a year. It seems that when he has a new inspiration, he just abandons the previous works.

    1. Can you tell me which pack

      1. Glass and in particular Brushed Metal.

  3. will this work with trebuchet?

  4. The Chrome and Twitter icons look more 80s than ever! Especially the last one. Fold the wings and have it stand on the neck of a guitar and it’ll go back another decade.

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