Hulu gives Android users exclusive free access to current season of shows via their Android app


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“Exclusive.” Now that’s a term you don’t hear very often around these Android parts. Where iOS users are typically treated to all kinds of exclusives, the folks at Hulu are now offering Android users exclusive access to the current season of all their hit shows — all for absolutely free.

A limited time only, you can download the Hulu app right now (link provided below) to get caught up on everything from South Park (season 18 is one of the best seasons yet), Once Upon a Time (my gf’s favorite show), Arrow (the mid-season finally was insane), or anything else you’re into.

For our friends living in other parts of the globe, sorry, this is US-only affair.


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  1. What exactly does it mean by limited time only? Is it that they are only offering the shows for free during the holidays?

    1. Yes, or does it mean download for a limited time but enjoy indefinitely after that?

  2. So they release it as soon as the fall seasons are ending. Great timing…

  3. Watching South Park now!! Thanks

  4. I’m not seeing any full seasons for free, even the ones listed here.

    Does this not work if you previously had a Hulu account?

    1. Its just the newer episodes on newer seasons

      1. That’s what they’ve always had for free.

        1. So you could watch this weeks episode of south park, for free? Dont think so

          1. They’ve had the last few episodes of the current season for free since Hulu started a few years ago. I’ve used it plenty of times when I’ve forgotten to record a show. I don’t know if South Park specifically was on Hulu back then, but I’d assume they’ve had recent episodes on the free service since it was added, unless Comedy Central has a different deal with Hulu than the networks do.

  5. Still have to pay for chrome cast support, even though my cable subscription provides me with access as well on my laptop. Hulu is a ridiculous money by an outdated industry

  6. In case you don’t know how to unblock Hulu then head out here:

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