Google: Nexus 5 will stick around for 2015, at least initially


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By now you know that the future of the Nexus 5 is somewhat on shaky ground. Sure, Google created a flashy new Nexus 5 page on the Android website, but they never officially came out and said the Nexus 5 will stick around on the Play Store as a low-priced, smaller Nexus offering. Its inconsistent availability in the Play Store have left some feeling like the smartphone was on life support. Couple this with the sudden disappearance of both the red and white models of the Nexus 5 on Google Play, and it felt like Google was ready to pull the plug.

Despite claims that the Nexus 5 was discontinued and simply waiting for the remaining stock to be cleared out, The Verge says they heard — from another Google spokesperson, mind you — that the phone will live on in 2015. Here’s the direct quote from Google:

“Nexus 5 will continue to be available for sale on Google Play and through select retailers in Q1 2015.”

What wasn’t mentioned, however, is if the phone would see a price reduction of any kind. While we’re not expecting a refresh of hardware in any capacity (like a 64GB version), I think it goes without saying that a year old smartphone should see a markdown of some kind. We suppose that’s left up to LG who actually builds the phone and is more than likely focusing on selling smartphones with higher profit margins.

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  1. refresh with bigger battery please!!

  2. I need to know which retailers!!! Cause I’m not upgrading my old phone until I see a Stock Android phone I like…and that’s a Nexus 5!!!!!

  3. Man, they have such an opportunity here to update this phone. Personally, I don’t need any spec bumps, as I love my N5 as it is, but a camera, processor, and storage bump using the same body would be awesome for a lot of people. Then, those not interested in the 6″ screen would have another great option.

    1. Snapdragon 810, beefier battery, slightly better camera, 64GB storage variant, and screen bump to 5.2″. Perfect N5 refresh …and essentially a Moto X Pure with wireless charging!

  4. Tree fity isn’t cheap? Pretty sure it’s already marked down.I love getting deals as much as the next guy, but this phone was and still is a deal at 350. Juz sayin

    1. Still not expensive for a phone though.

  5. Make a 5.8″ version

    1. …why?

  6. Nexus program is dead to me without the Nexus 5. It needs a refresh.

  7. As of now, there is no nexus to buy regardless…you go google

  8. I’m sure they’ll drop the price last minute in order to get rid of stock. I think that’s what happened with the Nexus 4 and people flew to buy it up.

  9. Maybe people who don’t like the Nexus 6 are snapping up the N5

  10. N5 hasn’t been available for months which is the same time they leaked cancelled production. Knock it off Giggles, no more games.

  11. Ive seen lg g2 basically bigger screen better battery and camera for 250 bucks online. Go with that and put custom roms or g3 rom which is probably best looking rom ever. Please get g2 instead of nexus 5 if anything for the battery life.

  12. The N5 would make a good buy if they gave it a boost in battery size with a 64GB memory.

    That said…in my strongest opinion someone in charge of the Nexus program made a blunder with the recent two new Nexus devices N6 and N9. My main two issues with the N6…the huge size and the lack of a huge battery to take advantage of the overall size of the Phablet.
    Most ppl wish it would have been prudent to make it a 5.2″ screen like the Moto X or maxx out at 5.5″ screen. The battery should have been same size as that of the Droid Turbo’s knowing 4k displays sucks a lot of battery power. A Moto X sized N6 with same top specs of the current N6 plus a huge battery 3900+mah would’ve been idyll… Winner.
    As for the N9…I don’t see why they went with the 4.3 aspect ratio like the iTablets. In Android land we are used to 16.9 aspect ratio tablets… should have followed that for their 8.9″ screen tablet. I think that’s my only issue for now with the N9, others may have other issues.
    I did like the 8.3″ LG G tab size or the Sammy 8.4″ tablet size.

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