Gift Idea: become a typing master with these quick-switch Bluetooth keyboards [CONTEST]



We’re back with another gift idea to help you finish your holiday shopping. Today we’re taking a look at quick-switch Bluetooth keyboards. These keyboards are great for people who own multiple devices (like most of us do). You can go from typing on your PC to typing on your tablet with the flick of a switch. Check out the best quick-switch keyboards below, and don’t miss the chance to enter out Gift-a-Day Giveaway!

Logitech Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

Logitech K480

Logitech is known for their great accessories, and the K480 is no exception. This keyboard has a dial that allows you to quickly switch between three different Bluetooth devices. It has a built-in cradle that can fit most tablets and smartphones, and shortcut keys for Windows and Mac. The K480 goes for around $50.

Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard

Universal Keyboard

The Universal Mobile Keyboard is a great example of Microsoft’s excellent build-quality and design for accessories. This keyboard has an operating system switch that allows you to switch from Windows, Android, and iOS. It has a built-in device stand that doubles as a smart cover. The keyboard is only on when the cover is open, which makes the battery last 6 months on a charge. You can snag this keyboard for $65-$85.


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  1. Anyone know if the keys on these are standard size? Or are they of the small compact design? I hate small key as I just can’t use them. I have tried to use them in the past and was unsuccessful

    1. The Logitech model is a full-sized keyboard.

      1. Thanks for answering that Chris. I keep getting hte run around from others or no respone to my query about keyboard size. Anything smaller then Standard size make my hands hurt. I am use to the oversized Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000. I can drop down to standard size no problem as its what I use with my Linux build but anything smaller then that is just painful on my hands.

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