Gift Idea: Fly these drones into orbit and take crystal clear video from the sky [CONTEST]


DJI Phantom

We’re already a third of the way through our Gift-a-Day Giveaway, but the gift ideas keep on coming. Make sure to visit this page and improve your chances of winning by entering every single day. Today’s gift idea is all about the drones. They’re very popular these days, and will surely be on many wish lists this holiday season. We’ve got every angle covered.

Many different kinds of drones are available today. Some are super expensive and can hold heavy things, others are cheap, tiny, and barely strong enough to fly in the wind. It doesn’t matter how much you want to spend, or how much experience you have. There is a drone out there for you. We’ll start simple and work out way up.

Code Black Drone, $64

code black drone

The Code Black Drone is perfect for beginners. It’s easy to fly and hard to break. The CBD is about the size of the palm of your hand, which makes it easy to fly indoors while you practice. When you get good the CBD can do flips in all four directions, and it even has a camera for video footage.

Micro Drone 2.0, $75

micro drone 2

A slight bump up from the CBD is the Micro Drone 2.0. This drone is also very small and hard to break. It’s a great beginner drone for flying indoors, and it can also do flips. The thing that puts this drone slightly above the CBD is its camera. It’s the only micro drone in the world that can carry a camera with a swiveling lens to capture all angles.

Panther Drone UFO, $110

panther drone

The Panther Drone is much bigger than the previous “micro” drones, but it’s still lightweight and super durable. If you want to be able to fly outside in windy conditions you will want to upgrade to the Panther. It can also do 360-degree flips and it has an adjustable camera for video footage.

DJI Phantom, $450

dji phantom

The DJI Phantom has been universally praised as the best drone for casual fliers and photographers, and it’s not even the most expensive on our list! It can be set up and ready to fly in just minutes. The Phantom has GPS that helps compensate for windy conditions, which makes it easy for you to control. For video and photo footage you can attach most GoPro’s.

3DRobotics IRIS+, $750

3drobotics iris

The IRIS+ can be flown manually with the controller, or with the really cool “autopilot” mode. It can land itself automatically or return to a spot when it flies out of range. When you’re ready to take some video footage you can even attach a GoPro. If you buy this drone you better know what you’re doing.


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  1. Perfect for spying on my neighbors!

  2. Wow. Now this is a cool idea. Could really be entertained using one of these. It’s definitely thinking differently than your normal phone accessories gift ideas.

  3. The Code Black Drone appears to be a Hubsan H107C with a new paint job. A very popular indoor.outdoor beginner mini-quadcopter

  4. I have a Syma X5C. Best $60 I ever spent.

  5. Wish they had a DJI Inspire on the list, but I’ll take anything free right now.

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