Devs: Android Studio 1.0 stable release finally arrives


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Developers will enjoy this bit of news to start their post-lunch duties: Android Studio 1.0 has finally left “Release Candidate” status and has now been released as a stable version 1.0 release. What does this mean? Not much in terms of new features compared to the release candidate, though a stable release indicates most critical bugs have been knocked out and that Google officially considers Android Studio the one and only development tool you’ll need to create Android apps.

As you know, Eclipse with the ADT plugin was long known as the standard IDE setup for developing Android apps, but Google has stopped supporting that setup as the need for more flexible development tools evolve. Android Studio is loaded with unique features that help you target not only the many different types of phones and tablets, but for televisions, smart watches, cars and whatever else Android might find itself on in the near future.

Developers can head to the Android Developers’ landing site now to get their upgrade, and if you’re still running the old Eclipse kit this is a good excuse to step into the now and try out an experience that many developers have been raving over.

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