SNK Playmore releases free version of King of Fighters-A 2012 in the Play Store


KOF-A 2012 2

We’re not sure what prompted the SNK Playmore’s decision to offer a free version of the stellar King of Fighters-A 2012 on Google Play, but we’re certainly not complaining. According to SNK Playmore, it’s to celebrate the games 20th anniversary (already?) but oddly enough, they didn’t simply reduce the price of the original title which has been available for over a year now at $3. Instead, this is a completely separate version that’s just, well, free.

KOF-A 2012 1

Aside from ads now present between menu screens, you’d be hard pressed to find any differences between this and the paid version. You will notice the roster of fighters has been reduced from 34 in the paid version, to 32 for the free. So, exactly who got cut? It seems both classic Kyo and Iori wont be making the transition on over to free, but whether or not that’s worth saving a few bucks is up to you.

Some users have also pointed out that the game doesn’t offer MOGA controller support but whether that is a fluke or intended we can’t be sure. In any case, you can download King of Fighters-A 2012(F) via the link below. Might want to make some room, the install is around 1GB in size.

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  1. Lol that’s like removing Ryu and Ken

    1. I was wondering the significance of those two: the ones removed from this game.

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