Samsung Galaxy S6 could launch alongside Galaxy S6 Edge with curved display [RUMOR]


Samsung Galaxy S5 DSC05766

Despite slowing smartphone sales and a management reshuffling going on at Samsung, Mobile Chief JK Shin came out unscathed with his job intact. This is either good or bad news depending on who you talk to, but with his back against the wall, we’re hoping next year’s Galaxy S6 will the best Shin has ever produced.

How so? Well, rumors of a “Project Zero” leave us optimistic. This is Samsung’s codename for the next iteration of their widely successful Galaxy series signifying a smartphone that finally throws out previous conventions, building a new smartphone flagship completely from the ground up.

As if there were any doubts, the folks at SamMobile have confirmed the name for Samsung’s next flagship will be the Samsung Galaxy S6 (big surprise), and that the phone will launch alongside a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge with a curved display. Look no further than the current Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Edge as a clue of what to expect from the upcoming S6 Edge but because curved display tech is still getting off the ground, it’s guessed that only a limited number of these handsets will be produced at first.

As for the regular Galaxy S6, it’s said the phone will come equipped with a Quad HD 2560×1440 resolution display, 64-bit Exynos 7420 or Snapdragon 810 processor variants, 16 or 20MP rear camera with 5MP front-facing camera, and 32, 64, or 128GB storage capacities. On the software side, expect a healthy helping of TouchWiz (with a new theme engine) on top of Android 5.0 Lollipop. Anyone else drooling?

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  1. Hmm…I wonder if the S6 will really have the Snapdragon 810, Snapdragon 808 smartphones still haven’t come out. . .

    1. Expect an 808 if anything.

      1. I figured, the 808 is still 64-but though, right? There shouldn’t be anything disappointing about the 808 compared to the 810, right?

        1. I believe so. 64 bit doesn’t make a huge difference though. Apple uses it as a gimmick. My iPad doesn’t have a huge speed boost that my old iPad 4 didn’t have. You need 4 GB of RAM to really take advantage of 64 bit processing. It won’t be truly taken advantage of for 2 years probably.

          1. Why do you need 4 GB of RAM to take advantage of 64-bit processing?

          2. Because they don’t know what an integer register is

          3. Maybe it’s the whole package. More processing will allow for better CPU intense content, but that will require more RAM. Meaning gaming on phones will soon start to rival the PS2, GC, Xbox era.

            And I would love to be able to play Tales of the Abyss, PS2 on my phone. Though I already have the 3DS version. I just like the idea that we’ve made it that far with phones. LoL!!

          4. And what about business users who don’t care about games?

            Yeah. Screwed by the technological marvels of more, more, more, lmao!

          5. Not sure why he says “You ‘need’ 4 GB of RAM to really take advantage of 64 bit processing” but as I see it more RAM helps keep more apps in memory and not bog the phone down. I’ll take 4gb any day. We started at 256 (1st Droid),then went to 512 and then 1gb then 2 gb and now some have 3gb. It is a natural progression to have more RAM – to a certain ceiling effect point – so that the phone does not bog down when it has 20 apps or processes in memory fighting for limited space. RAM is a good thing. and I think more RAM + 64 bit + Lolipop can make for a beast of a setup all working together as, for example, I understand Lollipop to be less efficient without 64 bit.

          6. Which 32 and 64-bit Lollipops have you compared?

            Yeah, I agree, ram is great, so is multitasking.

            So is battery life.

            There ain’t no such thing as a free lunch – TANSTAAFL.

          7. I have compared no 32 and 64 bit phones as there are few, if any, 64 bit out so… but anyhoo the point was one of the beauties of 64 bit – touted by the pros – is more efficiency. Same with with ART over Dalvik and yet, I have used nothing yet but Dalvik. And with Lolipop it is touted as a huge battery saver itself and more so when used with these hardware benefits.

            So imagine: ART + 64 bit + 810 processor + lollipop – everything the S6 has been rumored – and you are talking a BEAST of a phone with all of the right performance and battery saving methods going for it. And then, imagine if they use a newer screen technology with lower refresh rates (which eat battery life). Oh man, the possibilities here are great for the S6.

          8. Well, you did say that Lollipop would be more efficient with a 64-bit processor. Absent data, that’s just a claim. I think I qualify as a pro at something, I’ve worked for years in semiconductorR&D. You’re describing a massive increase in junctions and expecting better or no worse battery life, fed by which pros exactly? I’m going to have to believe it when I see it ok. Cheers.

          9. I think you’re getting phones confused with PC’s.

  2. Please Samsung redeem yourself

    1. They did with the Note 4.

      1. Agreed. I’m loving mines.

        1. Me too, but a 5.1″ screen would be nice too.

          1. I understand. 5.7 isn’t for everyone. But I use to walk around with an original Nexus 7 in my back pocket and using our mostly one handed so this definitely good for me. I’m glad they had the sense to add 3 gb of ram since touch wiz uses a lot of damn space.

          2. Your hands must be gargantuan. I can’t even grasp that device with one hand. LoL!!

            I haz such tiny man hands. =.[

          3. wow one handed use with a nexus 7 ah? impressive! is this Shaquille O’neal am talking to?

  3. Drooling….you lost me at Samsung, I went def at touchwiz

    1. Well then go blind and stop reading this site.

      1. Lol literally@your reply!!!(& i never use “LOL”) reiterate, if you dont like Samsung or their mobile phones , well dont buy it. As for me, i cant wait!!

      2. Why don’t you go mute and shut the heck up…..BTW GOD , Jesus Christ, both me and you Lord and savior..I real, he blessed us with this beautiful day. So stop trying to be cool talking about God don’t exist, won’t land you any friends… Have a nice day

    2. Root it, all Samy devices have been rootable thus far that I know of, and say goodbye to bloat and touchwiz.

  4. Android 5.0? Bah!! I’ll be rocking that Android 5.5 Muffin. LoL!!

    So when do we start guessing the next name for Android?

    1. Im gonna go with Marshmallow ! I can imagine a marshmallow Android statue on Googles lawn sometime next year already ! lol

  5. If the S6 is cheap, bootloader unlocked, then I might be interested. Otherwise, no thanks.

    1. the bootloader thing it’s a carrier thing!

  6. So much for change. They should lose the Galaxy S title if they really want to stand out from the other phones in the Galaxy S series. If it is indeed different as they say. This news makes me think not.

    1. ah? lose the Galaxy S title if they really want to stand out!, what the hell are you talking about? The Galaxy S is what make Samsung unique.

    2. Don’t think for anyone else only yourself. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge will be the devices of 2015.

      1. Meanwhile, in the real world, S5 and Note 4 sales number were well below what Samsung expected… again.
        Also, don’t think for anyone else? If it weren’t for people/organizations like the Bowery Mission thinking of other people, you probably would be still living in the streets of NYC. What a selfish hypocrite.

  7. My two cents… Redesign touchwiz to be optimized with Android (cut the bloat), quad speaker set up (front and back), offer storage packages starting with 64 gb, and finally provide more customer friendly customization options (hardware color, rooting, etc)

    1. Root and profit.. Touchwiz goes bye bye.

  8. Also, cut back on the amount of models of phones they release.

    1. There was a article recently that said they’re going to cut back on this. I never understood why they have so many different phones. Make 4-5 good phones and profit!

  9. come on to papa!!! cant wait!

  10. Drooling? How is this better than the S5? Slightly faster with slightly better dpi resulting in effectively the same general performance for a dpi difference I certainly won’t be able to tell. The S5 ought to have Android 5.0 before the S6 is out as well. Are the cameras actually going to be better or just have more pixels?

    I guess the “ground up” redesign may result in a better looking phone — or it might result in a phone with more problems.

    As an S5 user, here’s what I’d want from my next phone:
    Make Qi charging standard
    1.5x to 2x better battery life (2x better minimum to tempt me to upgrade directly from an S5)
    3GB RAM or more solely for future proofing
    An actually better camera, at least like the iPhone 6 or Lumia 1020
    USB 3.1 reversible plug with enough amperage to quickly charge the battery while navigating on Google Maps rather than the current trickle charge
    More battery life
    More performance welcome but not particularly needed
    No More Pixels! The only advantage of more pixels in phones is cheaper high resolution VR headset screens.
    More sensors — ambient temp, pressure, etc
    Faster NAND and faster 802.11ac
    More battery life — I desire having 7 days battery life from my phone again. CPU/GPU performance and size are good enough. Smaller/faster not necessary.

    As always, keep the removable battery and microSD slot. All of the above isn’t that useful if I lose those two things.

    And in general, please Samsung, stop with the annoying can-never-turn-off security warnings without forcing the “Accept” option.

    1. You’re not asking for much.

      1. I’m actually not.

        1. USB 3.1 is coming within a year. Amperage is doable with that — heat is the only potential problem. My GPS 10 years ago could charge in 2 hours while navigating and give 4-8 hours of battery life while navigating.
        2. Camera already exists
        3. Qi already here and standard on most high end phones
        4. Faster NAND already exists also
        5. Other sensors also exist and are coming regardless. They would be interesting, but even still, I probably don’t really care.

        Obviously, the 7 day request isn’t doable for a while, but if manufactures 1) didn’t increase resolution further and 2) didn’t increase performance further and instead focused on power efficiency entirely and increased the size of the battery as other components got smaller (or increase the size of the phone as well), 2x battery life isn’t unattainable with the next generation of CPUs.

        Instead, what we see is a push for more resolution we don’t need and more CPU/GPU performance we don’t need that is required to power those pixels we can’t see and batteries will probably get slightly better/bigger so in the end, actual user experience will be pretty much the same.

        And they wonder why the market isn’t exploding like it used to… once battery life is solved (1 week), there’s not a lot of pain left in the smartphone experience. The next step would be to develop a system that could replace laptops/desktop CPUs/storage with the phone, but really, the cloud is already doing that to unify the experience.

        Of course, they could always try to bring back the QWERTY keyboard…

        1. You know the average user is gonna look at your reply and scratch your head. They make phones and market them for the average user not the ones who actually know what they’re talking about. If they made phones the wsy you’re requesting no one would buy another phone at the rate they do now and the whole idea is to give to just enough to be satisfied and crave the hot new thing.

          1. The average user is only buying at the rate they do because of the 2 year contract. Prepaid and non-subsidized usage is growing, and this has already been reducing high end phone sales. Couple that with “good enough” performance (the last couple of generations hasn’t been doubling non-gaming performance each generation, and most of the gains are wiped out by the increase in resolution). The smartphone is getting one more big push from people who are upgrading to larger phones, but that’s a one time shot.

            Samsung/Apple/HTC/Motorola are all trying to move upmarket stylewise into fashion because they know the only way sales can continue at this pace with existing technology is style changes and accompanying social pressure.

    2. Samsung users are supposed to be stupid. People like you need a Nexus 5.

  11. This is the phone I am now holding out for.

  12. Finally, the replacement to my aging Nexus 4

  13. I heard the next rumor is rumored to be a rumor

  14. Will probaby upgrade from S5 to S6 when it gets released.

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