HTC: Android Lollipop for Google Play Edition One M7 and One M8 could head out by the end of today


HTC One Google Play Edition DSC01017

After a series of unfortunate delays, HTC finally seems ready to deliver Android 5.0 Lollipop to the Google Play editions of the HTC One M7 and HTC One M8. HTC’s Mo Versi confirmed that Google has the final software and they’re expecting it to be approved by the end of the day. All indication is that HTC will look to begin rolling the upgrades out as soon as they’re given the green light.

The upgrade was originally scheduled to arrive a couple of weeks ago, though Google asked HTC for another revision before allowing it to leave the OTA kingdom. That wrench was thrown into HTC’s plans at the last possible moment so we’re opting to curb our excitement for its arrival until we actually see the OTA notifications roll in. Be sure to keep an eye out on your phone throughout the day or at some point early this week as we await the illustrious upgrade.

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  1. Is this not going to be made available for download so we can flash manually?

  2. Or the end of the week….. Or month…

  3. Great news! The notification just popped up on my m7. Going to make the update asap and see how it looks like :)

    1. Really?

      1. Sorry guys! False alarm. It was just some fixes/improvements for better calls. No sign of lollipop yet. :/

  4. [Check for update], [Check for update], [Check for update], …

  5. Good. The sooner it’s live the sooner I can wait for the next version then upgrade :)

  6. Nothing. htc m7. u2?

  7. Still nothing at 2:05 am.

  8. No TA yet.

    “Google has not provided TA this evening due to their current workload. I’m expecting it to come soon.”

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