Valiant Hearts: The Great War interactive graphic novel tells great World War 1 stories, and it’s now on Android


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Valiant Hearts: The Great War is a rare game about World War 1 that focuses less on intense action, cool guns and Michael Bay-level explosions and instead keys in on the emotional narrative of some of the many people involved. Ubisoft’s unique game puts you in control of several fictitious veterans from the war whose stories are based on actual letters written during the global-scale conflict. The news? It’s now available on Android for $5, or Android TV for $15.

The core gameplay utilizes interesting puzzle mechanics, a degree of stealth, and only a tiny bit of action. It’s enough of a balance that’ll let you sit back and enjoy the story without the stress that comes with keeping your rifle at the ready, but enough of a game that you will have to think a bit to move ahead.

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Along the way you’ll come across collectibles based on World War 1 artifacts. Notes attached to these will tell you more about them and their places in history. You might find a cracked helmet, for instance, or even a pocket watch dropped by a soldier too busy to notice.

The game’s 2D art style is beautifully drawn and rendered, while the narrative does its part to help you care about these characters and how the war affected their lives. It’s a great game that I feel everyone should experience, so be sure to give it a download via Google Play if you’re looking for something a bit different to play.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War for Android phones and tablets

Valiant Hearts: The Great War for Android TV

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  1. sooo on a $600 device its $5, but on a $100 Android TV its $15. lolwut

    1. You have to buy episodes, in the end it most likely comes out at 20$ (5$*4)

    2. Unless you include the TV to see it on…

      1. $100 1080P westinghouse TV from best buy. lolol

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