Nov 24th, 2014


AT&T dwellers got their hands on the Nexus 6 and immediately noticed a few things that didn’t sit well. Carrier logos, boot animations and network restrictions — while not all that horrifying — annoyed enough people that a big stink was made about it. Fortunately for those folks AT&T’s Nexus 6 isn’t that hard to “fix,” though T-Mobile’s proud of the fact that you won’t have to “fix” their variant at all.

Company man Des Smith, a senior product manager who launched the T-Mobile G1 for the company way back when, took to Google+ to speak directly to the followers of their Uncarrier movement and told them they won’t have to worry about any big bad carrier stuff being shipped off with their Nexus 6 units:

No Corporate Logo, No Bloatware, no crap you don’t want on the #Nexus6 from+T-Mobile​:

That’s Un-carrier – listening to our customers and giving them what they want, not sticking a stupid corporate logo and a bunch of crap software I know you guys don’t want on your #Nexus device.

We know you guys buy a #Nexus6 to avoid that kind of thing!

Google did want to highlight the Virtual Preload (VPL) capabilities on Lollipop, so we made MyAccount available if you want it… But you can totally delete it. That’s what we do.

Hope you like what we’ve chosen to do there (or more importantly, what we’ve chosen not to do).

And the little stuff like that is the reason T-Mobile has gained a lot of momentum this past year. Let’s hope they keep this up (even if only to keep everyone else on their toes and the edge of their seats).

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